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The Most Recommended Insurance Broker Management System for Futuristic Insurance Brokers

End to End Insurance Policy Management Software

SIbro insurance broker software helps you to organize and track every stage of a policy; from prospects management and renewal follow-ups, preparation of RFQs and quote comparison sheets, to collecting payments, delivering policies to customers in order, endorsements, and more.

Automated, Hassle-free Claims Management Software

Sibro's insurance claims management module not only helps you track, but also automates and eases your entire in-house claims management. Sibro suggests the documents required for a claim. It can fetch real time claim updates via TPA integration. They aid you in ways you have never thought about.

Smart Invoicing & Brokerage Reconciliation Software

Sibro's accounts module systematically corrects mistakes and ensures insurance broker's due receivables. It helps you track every receivable invoice and their reconciliation. It also exposes cases where we missed receiving brokerage. Sibro also eases your IRDAI compliance process significantly.

Actionable Reports for Brokers and More

Sibro helps you to create exclusive action-oriented reports; which provides only the information you need. Sibro does not record or show unimportant data which you will not use in the future. These customized reports will help brokers to consolidate critical business information and improve their productivity on a continuous basis.

Explore the Best Insurance Broking Software

Sibro Insurance Broking Software is a leading software solutions provider for the insurance broking industry in India, and UAE with a significant presence in Singapore and Botswana.

Being one of the best insurance broker software in India, Sibro offers the most effective insurance broker management features that assist you with smarter ways to effectively manage your policy leads, and customers and convert potential leads to policies in quick succession.

Perfect Software for Insurance Brokers

Thinking of the software insurance brokers prefer in the modern age for simplified insurance broking? Then SIBRO insurance broker management software is the most viable option for you.

HIGHLY Responsive

Completely responsive to all types of desktops and laptops.

EASY Customizable

Fully customizable insurance broking features available.


Easy-peasy screen design for better broker experience.

WELL Documented

Complete documentation available for the insurance broking software.

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Exclusively Crafted for Indian Insurance Brokers;
100% Customizable for Foreign Brokers

Our insurance broking solutions has been meticulously designed to cater exclusively to the unique needs of Indian insurance brokers, while also offering the flexibility of complete customization to meet the specific requirements of foreign brokers.

How does SIBRO Insurance Broking Software helps brokers in effective in-house insurance broking business management?

SIBRO insurance broker software is a crucial tool in today's business landscape, providing a wide range of intelligent features for managing prospects, customers, policy claims, and more. With its comprehensive offerings, SIBRO empowers insurance brokers to achieve steady growth in the current insurance broking scenario. By leveraging the software's capabilities, brokers can effectively acquire new clients, streamline operations, enhance customer service, and optimize claim handling, among other benefits. SIBRO is an invaluable resource for insurance brokers looking to thrive in the competitive insurance industry.

- Eliminates the need for paper documentations for policies and claims
- Helps to generate instant quotes and generate customized reports and statistics
- Handle your claims effectively and efficiently
- Automate your entire communication sequences and help you to send an emails
- Easily record and track all your commissions precisely and accurately

How does SIBRO Insurance Client Management Software helps manage clients effectively?

SIBRO Insurance Client Management Software is a comprehensive solution tailored for insurance companies, aiming to automate and streamline their operations. This powerful CRM software simplifies the entire insurance workflow, enabling agencies to manage all aspects of their business with ease. From back-office management to the complete activity of MGAs & Brokers, including CRM, sales, underwriting services, and more, SIBRO offers a wide range of features to support every step of the process. Our client management software is meticulously designed to assist businesses in seamlessly handling every minute detail of their clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

How SIBRO Insurance Partner Portal helps?

The SIBRO Insurance Partner Portal is a valuable asset for organizations aiming to efficiently manage their insurance partners. This platform offers a multitude of benefits that can assist employers in optimizing their insurance broking management. Let's delve into the different ways this platform can enhance and streamline their operations.

How SIBRO Insurance B2C Software helps?

The SIBRO Insurance B2C software is an invaluable resource for organizations looking to enhance their business-to-client management of policies and insurance plans. This platform offers numerous benefits that can help employers optimize their in-house insurance broking business. Let's delve into the various ways this software can assist in achieving these objectives.

How does SIBRO Employee Benefits Portal assist employers in effective in-house insurance policy management?

The SIBRO Employee Benefits Portal proves to be an invaluable asset for organizations seeking effective management of employee insurance plans. Let us explore the various ways in which this platform can assist employers in optimizing their employee insurance benefits.

- Streamlining employee benefits administration effectively
- Enhancing communication for immediate and timely responses
- Ensuring compliance and proper management
- Minimizing claim processing and administrative expenditures


More to Discover

How do you find the best software for your insurance broking company? The answer is all here with our exclusive features. Check out our exclusive features offered by this top insurance software.

Simplified RFQ Management

You can simply create and send RFQs to clients directly from the software. You will find a RFQ template master where you can assign inputs for different class of policies. It's a one-time setup. So, the next time you want to send a RFQ, you can do it in a single click. You can also change the inputs whenever you want. Now let’s check out how you can send a RFQ to the insurers. Click here.

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Professional Quote Comparison Sheets

This feature will help you to record and compare the insurance quotations you received from different insurance companies. The system will also automatically create a professional insurance quote comparison sheet that you can send to your customer instantly. When you get a response from the insurance companies, you can also update their quotation into the system. Check out how to create and send a Quote Comparison Sheet to your customer. Click here.

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Auto-reconciliation feature

Sibro helps you to find if there are any irregularities or any mismatch in the amount raised. This can be identified easily via auto-reconciliation and you can issue a debit note so that the amount can be settled later. Click on Non Reconciled button and a page will be displayed. Here you will have the option to download a sample excel sheet by clicking on the Download Sample Excel button. To know more about the auto-reconciliation feature, click here.

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All In One Insurance Broker Software to Continuously Improve Broker Performance and Business Productivity


Why Insurance Broker Software Is a Necessity for Insurance Brokers Today?

Check out our swift, efficient and reasonably priced insurance broker management software features to maximize broker productivity and insurance sales.

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All-in-one Dashboard

Dashboard will give you an overall picture of your entire business recorded in the software in terms of prospects, policies, claims etc.

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Record and Manage Policies

Helps you organize and track every stage of a policy; from prospects and renewal follow-ups till delivering policies to customers.

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Easy Click & Expand

By default, you will see the overall details in all listings. When you click on a specific row, it will open up and show you the further details.

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Multi-Color Theme Options

This feature gives you the provision to customize the software color theme same as that of your company color theme.

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Bulk Data Import

Any old data in the existing system can be imported to Sibro with the help of Data Import functionality in no time.

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RFQ Management

RFQ template master will help you to assign inputs for different class of policies and create and send RFQs to clients from the software.

Endless Insurance Broking Features

Sibro is an all-in-one insurance software solution for brokers and agents. Our squad is always keen to analyze the needs of an insurance broker and how we can put those requirements into a single platform sophisticatedly.

Unlimited Storage SPACE

SIbro allows you to upload and save unlimited amount of policy and claims related documents into the system.

High-end Customization

Helps you to create your own customized data entry fields, drops downs etc as per your own requirements.

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Our Happy Customers

More and more insurance brokers and agents prefer Sibro v3 for their operations

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We are extremely happy with the software. The user interface is very simple and straightforward. As a result, We were able to implement it with minimal training for our Employees.

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The utility of this software in our functioning is immense. We completely stopped depending on excels and files. This gives all our required reports and information. Now, its hard to imagine our operation without Sibro.

Whatever problems you face, we have solutions.

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Our Trusted Beneficiaries

Join with our satisfied insurance brokers using Sibro insurance broking software globally.

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Awards & Recognition

All these Sibro Achievements mean the world to us.

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