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Sibro organises every step of an insurance broker's operation


End to end policy management

Sibro helps you organise and track every stage of a policy; from prospects & renewal followups, preparation of RFQs, quote comparison, collecting payments, delivering policies to customers in order, their endorsements, and more.

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Automated, hassle free claims management

Sibro's claims module not just help you track, but also automates & aids you as you work. Sibro (for example) suggests the documents required for a claim. It can fetch real time claim updates via TPA integration. They help you in ways you have never thought about.

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Reconciliation & more

Sibro's accounts module is that process that systematically corrects mistakes & ensure our due receivables. It helps you track every receivable invoice, their reconciliation, and exposes all cases where we missed receiving brokerage. Sibro also significantly eases your IRDAI Compliance process.

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Sibro does more than you think. To see the bigger list of things the platform can do,

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More and more insurance brokers and agents prefer Sibro v3 for their operations

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