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How it all started!

Sibro v3 is the 3rd version of Sibro Insurance Broking Software. It’s is designed for simplicity and easy customization.

Sibro was the brainchild of the combined minds of Prashant Peter (Director of AIMS Insurance Broking) and Vivek Stanley (Founder and CEO Protracked).

The product was developed and owned by Protracked. Aims was our subject matter experts.

It was a simple software product made to substitute excel sheets that were being used by brokers. Since it was the beginning, the venture took from one to four months to accomplish. With rounds of usage, and continuous feedback, Sibro took shape of a customizable partner for brokers and agencies.

Soon, our focus turned from the essentials to convince and special cases.

Our Web Application was becoming easier to use even for starters, and was accessible from anyplace. They could now check the status of the customer’s claims, policies, etc. even from their phones.

Sibro was and still is significantly enhanced by our developers who remain in the shoes of insurance brokers and agencies.

Soon after the success at AIMS, Securus Insurance Broking came to know about the product. They contacted us after they acquainted the demo.

They purchased Sibro and rapidly got more sorted out and scaled up their firm. We got more input from them. We implemented TPA integration into Sibro. Now using Sibro, employees could handle the third party Administrators with ease.

Word of mouth from existing users brought us more brokers and agents to Sibro.

Soon, the success and the demos

Soon, we rolled out Sibro V2. More and more brokers reached us later on and are currently scaling up their business.

“Sibro V3”, the current version is the combined research of all these successful firms. V3 is designed for consistency and customization. We are continuously improving and updating our program for user comfort.


Our Designers

Team Protracked

Vivek Stanley
Vivek Stanley Founder & CEO

Raj Mohan
Raj Mohan Full Stack Developer & Team Lead

Jerin Jayaraj
Jerin Jayaraj Full Stack Developer

Shine Raj
Shine Raj Front End Developer

Jansen NJ
Jansen NJ Voice Apps Developer

Parvathy Vinith
Parvathy Vinith Social Media Promoter

Adarsh EP
Adarsh EP Junior Developer

Vaishnavi S
Vaishnavi S Testing Analyst

Muhamed Sulthan
Muhamed Sulthan Graphics Designer

Arjun T Pillai
Arjun T Pillai Content Manager

Nidhin Joseph
Nidhin Joseph Developer

Aishwarya Hareendran
Aishwarya Hareendran SEO

Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Testing Analyst

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