What are the unique features of Sibro?

September 20, 2019 in Sibro

What are the unique features of Sibro?

Sibro is an all-in-one insurance software solution for brokers and agents. Our Sibro team was very keen to analyze what exact an insurance broker needs and how we can put those requirements into a single platform elegantly. The answer is what we call Sibro! You will be amazed to see the features offered by this top insurance CRM software. We have precisely filtered all the requirements as combined them as its promising features. So, checkout those and let yourself know whom Sibro is going to be a perfect companion for your successful business journey.

Features offered by Sibro

Though Sibro offers countless features exclusively for insurance players, here we are listing the most promising and effective features and functionalities.

All-in-one Dashboard

Sibro dashboard will give you an overall picture of your entire business recorded in the software in terms of prospects, policies, claims etc . The numbers will be displaying your premium, gross premium, net premium, and the brokerage with respect to the selected period. Read more

Record and Manage Policies

Sibro helps you organize and track every stage of a policy; from prospects and renewal follow-ups, preparation of RFQs and quote comparisons, to collecting payments, and delivering policies to customers in order, their endorsements. Read more

High-end Customization Options

Sibro helps you to create your own customized data entry fields, drops downs etc as per your own requirements. Also the entire software offers different customization options to suit your business processes. Read more

Easy Click & Expand

In order to increase user experience, Sibro offers click and expand functionality. So by default, you will see the overall details in all listings. When you click on a specific row, it will open up and show you the further details. Read more

Unlimited Storage Capacity

In order to assist you in insurance related documentation management, Sibro allows you to upload and save unlimited amount of policy and claims related documents into the system.

Follow Ups & Reminders

Sibro will remind you about all the pending business with a variety of views like All, Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due this Week, Overdue, etc. Once you make a follow up, be it meeting, or call, or email, they can be recorded in the system as a follow-up note. Read more

Apply Filter

On almost every page, you can see an Apply Filter button on the top right corner. This will help you to filter and drill down the data that is being displayed. These advanced filter options will ease your search process. Read more

Bulk Data Import

This feature will help you to ease your on-boarding process. Any old data in the existing system can be imported to Sibro with the help of Data Import functionality. Read more

Merge Policies

You don’t have to worry if you have created duplicate clients in the system. Sibro offers the provision to merge them together via the Merge Clients option. This feature helps you to merge two policies in case if duplication happened and clears the confusion happened. Read more

Multiple Language Translation

Sibro’s translation feature is another highlight where you can translate any data entry fields in your own language which definitely offers you an enhanced user experience. Read more

Multi-Color Theme Options

Sibro's theme customization gives you the provision to customize the software color theme same as that of your company color theme. Read more

Daily Task Progress

The best thing about this feature is that a person can see others’ progress based upon user privileges. That is, a business owner can see all his employees’ daily task summary if the user privileges are set. Read more

RFQ Management

You can create and send RFQs to clients directly from the software. You will find a RFQ template master where you can assign inputs for different class of policies. It's a one-time setup. So, the next time you want to send a RFQ, you can do it in a single click. You can also change the inputs whenever you want. Read more


This feature is used for policies that the payments are scheduled on an installment basis. You can easily record and manage all your incoming installments vai this feature. Read more

Quote Comparison Sheets

This feature will help you to record and compare the insurance quotations received from different insurance companies. The system will also automatically create a quote comparison sheet that you can send to your customer. Read more

Tax Master

Sibro's Tax Master feature will help you to manage all your tax problems by recording them orderly with in the software. Read more

Member Lists

Sibro’s member lists feature helps you to upload member lists to the system. These templates are customizable and you can create as many member list templates as you want. Read more

Client Custom Fields

You can record all your clients with their respective details into the system. If you want to capture additional information, you can simply do that by creating an additional text box or drop down via client custom fields. Read more

Booked In Master

Booked In Master is exclusively for insurance agents and sub brokers. They will have the option to manage their multiple business points into one single system via Booked in Master feature. Read more

Premium Bifurcation

This feature will help you to have different inner components/sub divisions for policies often referred as bifurcations. You can manage them so easily and effortlessly with the help of this Premium bifurcation feature. Read more

Rewards Master

Sibro gives you the provision to record and manage monetary benefits the brokers enjoys apart from the brokerage commission. Read more

Reason For Loss Master

Sibro offers the ability to filter and create reports based on individual reasons. So, if you lose a prospect, you will have the provision to mark that prospect/renewal as lost along with the reason. Read more

Create Document Checklist for Claims

Sibro offers its Documents feature where you can create your own customized checklist for every policy that is associated with the organization. Read more

Claim Custom Fields

If you want to capture additional information about the client other than the default information , you can simply do that by creating an additional text box or drop down via client custom fields. Read more

TPA Integration

Sibro helps you to manage all your TPAs associated with your organization. You can see all of them listed with their corresponding name, phone number, email address, physical address and their statuses. Read more

Claims Dump

If the TPA has given you login credentials of their system, you can download the claim details and upload it in your software. Sibro helps you to upload the TPA’s client details in minimal steps. . Read more


Sibro helps you to find if there are any irregularities or any mismatch in the amount raised. This can be identified easily via auto-reconciliation and you can issue a debit note so that the amount can be settled later. Read more

Action-oriented Reports

Sibro offers an effective sets of reports in the software, that helps you see the status, compare performance, and drive sales. Read more

Sibro Templates

Sibro helps you to draft RFQs, send bulk emails with RFQs to insurance companies, updates the quotations received, creates standard quote comparison sheets and share these quote comparisons to customers via email and WhatsApp. Read more

Track Invoices

Sibro offers multiple auto-generated invoice templates for its users. This can be an effective way to manage accounts and reconciliation processes. Read more

Email Templates

This feature helps you to communicate to your clients via email within the system itself. Here, you can add all the different email templates required for various emailing categories. Read more

Privileges Controls

Everything you see throughout the software is user privilege controlled.These privileges helps Sibro user to classify feature access accordingly when ever needed. Read more


Call center integration is supported in SIBRO as an additional customization. Insurer API Integration is available in SIBRO as a custom feature. Read more

Custom Download

In the reports, in order to customize the reports by adding the necessary data/columns, at All Downloads, we have introduced a new feature that let the users define what all to see and what all to hide while they are downloading reports. Read more

Multi Currency Support

When a policy is issued in a different currency other than their primary currency, now we have a provision to capture this input into the system. In Organization Master we have an option to add “Additional Currencies” apart from the Primary Currency we loaded. Read more

Client Groups

Assume Client A and Client B are entirely two different clients or business entities with separate address, GST number, etc. If they belongs to the same group/coming via the same contact person, this feature will help you to group clients together for improved report. Read more

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