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Are you an insurance broker who are looking for a cost effective insurance broker management software for your broking business?

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Why Insurance Broker Software Is a Necessity for Insurance Brokers Today?

Check out our swift, efficient and reasonably priced insurance broker management software features to maximize broker productivity and insurance sales.

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All-in-one Dashboard

Dashboard will give you an overall picture of your entire business recorded in the software in terms of prospects, policies, claims etc.

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Record and Manage Policies

Helps you organize and track every stage of a policy; from prospects and renewal follow-ups till delivering policies to customers.

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Easy Click & Expand

By default, you will see the overall details in all listings. When you click on a specific row, it will open up and show you the further details.

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Multi-Color Theme Options

This feature gives you the provision to customize the software color theme same as that of your company color theme.

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Bulk Data Import

Any old data in the existing system can be imported to Sibro with the help of Data Import functionality in no time.

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RFQ Management

RFQ template master will help you to assign inputs for different class of policies and create and send RFQs to clients from the software.

Looking for the Best Insurance Agency/Broker Software in India?

SIBRO is the best insurance broking software for smart and easy handling of every insurance broking activity and tasks that comes with it.


Perfect for Insurance Brokers

Thinking of the software insurance brokers prefer in the modern age for simplifying insurance broking? Then SIBRO insurance broker software is the most viable option for you. Here's why!

HIGHLY Responsive

Completely responsive to all types of desktops and laptops.

EASY Customizable

Fully customizable insurance broking features available.


Easy-peasy screen design for better broker experience.

WELL Documented

Complete documentation available for the insurance broking software.

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Affordable Insurance Broker Software India

Being one of the best insurance broker software, SIBRO offers exclusive features and seamless connectivity with amazingly low and affordable pricing.

Multiple payment plans for aggressive insurance brokers

Annual subscription plans for futuristic insurance brokers

Self hosted plans for established insurance brokers

Start Up Plans for early stage insurance brokers

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How Can Insurance Brokers Get Benefit From A Top Rated Insurance Broker Software?

Insurance brokers can use the luxury of Sibro features and skyrocket the policy selling, envision the insurance broking business to a new level and achieve enhanced business success.

Privileges Controls

Everything you see throughout the software is user privilege controlled.

Multi Currency Support

You can add “Additional Currencies” apart from the Primary Currency.

Premium Bifurcation

Easily manage different inner components/sub divisions of policies.

Track Invoices

Offers multiple auto-generated invoice templates for accounts management.

Claims Dump

Helps you to upload the TPA’s client details in simple minimal steps.

TPA Integration

Helps you to manage all your TPAs associated with your organization.

Email Templates

Helps you to communicate to your clients via email within the system.

Custom Download

Lets the users define what to see and what to hide while downloading reports.

Endless Insurance Broking Features

Sibro is an all-in-one insurance software solution for brokers and agents. Our squad is always keen to analyze the needs of an insurance broker and how we can put those requirements into a single platform sophisticatedly.

Unlimited Storage SPACE

SIbro allows you to upload and save unlimited amount of policy and claims related documents into the system.

High-end Customization

Helps you to create your own customized data entry fields, drops downs etc as per your own requirements.

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Convert your customers to real policies

With Sibro insurance broking software, yo can successfully organize and track every stage of a policy from prospects handling to successful claims. Sibro can assists you and save unlimited time in multiple aspects such as renewal follow-ups, preparation of RFQs and quote comparison, collecting payments, and delivering policies to customers, their endorsements etc.

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More to Discover

How do you find the best insurance broker software? The answer is all here with our exclusive features. You will be amazed to see the features offered by this top insurance broking software.

Simplified RFQ Management

You can simply create and send RFQs to clients directly from the software. You will find a RFQ template master where you can assign inputs for different class of policies. It's a one-time setup. So, the next time you want to send a RFQ, you can do it in a single click. You can also change the inputs whenever you want. Now let’s check out how you can send a RFQ to the insurers. Click here.

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Professional Quote Comparison Sheets

This feature will help you to record and compare the insurance quotations you received from different insurance companies. The system will also automatically create a quote comparison sheet that you can send to your customer instantly. When you get a response from the insurance companies, you can also update their quotation into the system. Check out how to create and send a Quote Comparison Sheet to your customer. Click here.

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Auto-reconciliation feature

Sibro helps you to find if there are any irregularities or any mismatch in the amount raised. This can be identified easily via auto-reconciliation and you can issue a debit note so that the amount can be settled later. Click on Non Reconciled button and a page will be displayed. Here you will have the option to download a sample excel sheet by clicking on the Download Sample Excel button. To know more about the auto-reconciliation feature, click here.

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All In One Insurance Broker Software to Continuously Improve Broker Performance and Business Productivity

A complete dashboard for insurance broking

It’s time to unleash the best insurance broker software in the insurance market right now. It’s time for brokers to attain their core strength.

We are extremely happy with the software. The user interface is very simple and straightforward. As a result, We were able to implement it with minimal training for our Employees.

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Prasanth Peter
Director, AIMS Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd.
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