Sibro Product Updates

As a team, we always thrive to polish Sibro to serve our customers' requirements. Checkout our latest updates.


Latest Product Updates

Checkout all the latest updates that we bring to the software. These updates will definitely enhance the customer experience and user friendliness of the software. Make sure you frequently check this section for getting to know all our upcoming updates.

22 Nov, 2021 : Minor improvements in Clients Management.

From now onwards, the contact person’s name will be auto-filled as the client’s name if the client’s contact person details are not available. Please note that if there are multiple contact persons, only the first contact person’s name will have auto-filled. WATCH VIDEO >

18 Nov, 2021 : New feature-Ability to withdraw a claim. and manage the number of lives covered in a policy.

From now onwards, users will have the provision to withdraw a claim. If a claim is in the Inward Awaited or Outward Awaited stage, then the user can withdraw the claim by clicking on the Withdraw Claim button. When clicked, you can enter the reason for withdrawing the claim and pull out the same. Also if the claim is in the Claim Processing Awaited stage, then the user can select the status as “Withdrawn”. WATCH VIDEO >

15 Nov, 2021 : New feature-Declarations made optional.

Previously, while adding a policy, if a declaration is selected for that policy, the declarations were loading automatically which doesn’t provide an option to edit.

From now onwards, while adding a policy, we have made the declarations optional. For that, we have introduced a new check box where the user can select declarations for a policy only if he/she wants to. If the checkbox is selected, then the user can select from the respective declaration templates.

Now while editing a policy, if the policy is not declared, the user can able to unselect or remove the already selected declarations. WATCH VIDEO >

01 Nov, 2021 : New feature-Ability to capture and manage the number of lives covered in a policy.

From now onwards, there will be an option to capture the number of lives to be covered in a policy.

For that, there will be a checkbox called ‘No of lives’ available in the Policy Master, when it is enabled, the user will be able to capture the no of lives during the policy entry. We can also capture the no: of lives added and deleted during your endorsement entry.

This information will be available in Reports in Business Statements and in Converted Policies-Download. WATCH VIDEO >

27 Oct, 2021 : Minor enhancements in leads management.

From now onwards, whenever you add/edit/import a new prospect, Policy Name, Premium Size entry field will not be mandatory. This enhancement is introduced considering the fact that, at the initial data collection time, it may not be possible to come up with each and every information. So making these fields not mandatory it will definitely improve user experience while adding new leads in to the software. WATCH VIDEO >

04 Oct, 2021 : Introducing Prospects Import.

From now onwards users can also import Prospects to your Sibro software. To do that:-

  1. Click on “Add business > Prospect > Import Prospect (button).
  2. Click on Import Prospect button > Download Template – Fill in necessary details
  3. Click on Upload Prospect List, upload the excel back and start importing your prospects. WATCH VIDEO >

28 Sep, 2021 : Minor improvements at Installment Filters.

We have introduced new filters such as Financial Year and Month at Instalments. WATCH VIDEO >

25 Sep, 2021 : Minor enhancements in Declarations.

From now onwards, Sibro users will have the provision to set quarterly declarations instead of monthly declarations. WATCH VIDEO >

22 Sep, 2021 : Introducing one more user privilege to control in Sibro.

Sibro introduces a new user privilege where you set restrictions to the visibility of the “Close Prospect Permanently” feature. WATCH VIDEO >

To set this:-

  1. Go to the Admin Settings
  2. Select Employee> Employee Master
  3. Click and Expand the Employee
  4. Scroll down to Privileges
  5. Uncheck the Close Prospect privilege in Policies
  6. Click Update to save the changes

20 Sep, 2021 : New feature – Policies Import.

From now onwards, the user will have a provision to import policies via the software itself. User can upload the data via excel and Sibro will automatically return back with what all rows were imported and if not imported, the reason for it. WATCH VIDEO >

16 Sep, 2021 : New feature – Introducing Global Custom Fields.

From now onwards, when a new policy is added, edited or imported, the software will auto add all the policies to the custom field if not already added.


13 Sep, 2021 : New feature – Introducing history of Claims- Add/Edit.

We are introducing a new feature where the user can now see the history of claims and get to know who did what in a claim. You can see the history at the end of the Claim Intimation and Claim Awaited pages. WATCH VIDEO >

08 Sep , 2021 : New feature – Introducing Regular Notes without Next Follow up Date Time.

Introducing another new follow up method called “Regular Note” which is exactly like a Follow Up Note, except that there will not be a Next Followup Date selection. Now the user can simply update required details without updating the next follow up note. WATCH VIDEO >

06 Sep , 2021 : Minor Enhancements – Improvements in Lost Business Reports.

Check out our latest improvements in Lost Business Report section. We have included new filter options such as Insurer Name, Insurer Branch, Class of Policy, Category, Policy Name, Month, FY (Based on policy start date). Downloaded report will now have Branch Name, CRM Name (if CRM Feature enabled), Class of Policy, Category, Premium Value, Premium Size, Insurer Name and Insurer Branch. You can now click and expand each row and edit the Reason for Loss. WATCH VIDEO >

31 Aug, 2021 : Improvements – New filters added in Business Statement.

In the reports sections, new filter options have been introduced for Business Statement. The new filter types are Insurer, Insurer Branch, Policy, Class of Policy (multi select), Category, Type of Business (New/Renew/Rollover – multi select). WATCH VIDEO >

18 Aug, 2021 : Improvements – Policy and Class of Policy wise Privileges.

At Employee Master in the Privileges Section, from now onwards, the user can give a provision to restrict the policies they see by policy names and class of policies. These restrictions if set should apply on all pages for the corresponding user. WATCH VIDEO >

12 Aug, 2021 : New feature – Dispositions in Follow Up.

A new feature has been added in the Organization Master feature called Disposition. It will be kept as Disabled by default. When enabled, at Upcoming, when we do a follow up entry, in addition to the follow up note, user can also update the disposition and sub disposition. They will be auto suggested depends on the existing disposition values of the enquiry. WATCH VIDEO >

04 Aug, 2021 : New feature – Managing Bundled Policies.

We have a feature where the user can optionally define default Premium Amounts at Policy Master. From now onwards, if a bifurcation is enabled in Policy Master, then the user will have the provision to enter a Default Premium optionally. WATCH VIDEO >

21 Jul, 2021 : New feature – Ability to set insurer wise invoices as default.

We have introduced a new feature where you can set your default invoice as per your insurer. User can select one of the listed invoice templates as default for each insurer. WATCH VIDEO >

19 Jul, 2021 : A new feature has been introduced-Custom Download.

In the reports, we are showing many facets of data that are may be not relevant for certain countries. In order to customize the reports by adding the necessary data/columns, at All Downloads, we have introduced a new feature that let the users define what all to see and what all to hide while they are downloading reports. WATCH VIDEO >

16 Jul, 2021 : Sibro introducing Multi Currency Support.

In different countries, policies are issued in different currencies. Mostly the currencies that country have. But if a policy is issued in a different currency other than their primary currency, now we have a provision to capture this input into the system.

In Organization Master we have an option to add “Additional Currencies” apart from the Primary Currency we loaded.

14 Jul, 2021 : Introducing Client Groups.

Similar to the Employees in Teams, we have introduced a new feature call Client Groups.

This feature will let you group clients together. Assume Client A and Client B are entirely two different clients or business entities with separate address, GST number, etc. So they have to be recorded separately. However, if they belongs to the same group or and are coming to us via the same contact persons or relationships, then this feature will help you to group clients together for improved report. WATCH VIDEO >

12 Jun, 2021 : New feature – Activity Reports.

A brand new feature has been rolled out in Sibro called Activity Report. This feature will give you a precise report of all the activities that are being marked within the software.

24 Jun, 2021 : Delete option for premium transactions.

From now onwards, user will have the ability to delete premiums.
To set this privilege, go to Employee Master > Privileges > Policy > Delete is selected, then you will have the provision to delete the premium transactions.


05 Jun, 2021 : Improvements in Upcoming.

Remind Before has been renamed to First Followup Date at Add/Edit Prospect in Upcoming
Tentative/Renew Date has been renamed to Tentative Start Date at Add/Edit Prospect in Upcoming
Tentative/Renew Date has been renamed to just DATE at Upcoming page & Download
Now you will also have a provision to set Default first follow up days at Policy Master. WATCH VIDEO >

19 May, 2021 : Improvements in Installments and Bifurcation.

If Installments and Bifurcations exists, and if Installments Payout Template is used, then the system will auto load the brokerage % and tax % of all the bifurcations as per the Installments Payout Template. WATCH VIDEO >

07 May, 2021 : Introduced Report Templates.

We have introduced a new feature called Report Download Template in admin settings. Now user can customize the reports as per their requirements. (change repot attributes, what all should see and what to hide in reports). WATCH VIDEO >

20 Apr, 2021 : Improvements in Custom fields at Download.

Client Custom Fields will now show up before Client Address just before Client Contact Information
Policy Custom Fields will now show up before remarks
Claim Custom Fields will show up after Notes
Custom Fields should be in the order of position number.
Go to Policies → Converted → Downloads → Client Custom Fields/ Policy Custom Fields
Go to Reports → Business Statement → Downloads → Client Custom Fields/ Policy Custom Fields
Go to Claims → Downloads → Claim Custom Fields


04 Apr, 2021 : Updated the Invoice sorting functionality.

We have updated the Invoice sorting functionality. From now onwards, you can sort invoice by invoice date followed by invoice number. Date wise sorting is also possible. If there is more than one invoice on the same date, the system will sort in the descending order of invoice number. WATCH VIDEO >

17 Feb, 2021 : Modifications in the invoice system.

We have modified our invoice system to cater to people who book policies via sub brokers. From now onwards, if booked in is enabled, then during add/edit invoice, we have added new radio buttons Insurer Wise Invoice and Booked In Wise Invoice. If the Insurer Wise is selected, it will work the current way. When Booked In Wise is selected, then instead of insurance company and insurance branch, you will get a Booked In drop down.

10 Feb, 2020 : Upload your company logo into Sibro.

To add more to the Sibro customization feature, now you can upload your company logo in the Clients section.

29 Jan, 2020 : Improvements in Member List.

We have introduced a new tab for Claims in IRDA Reports. Go to Reports → IRDA Statement → Claim Analysis. Here you can see all the information such as pending claims, settled claims, total pending claims, total settled claim, total no of claims and claims amount. Also you will have the provision to download the reports in the exact IRDAI format.

20 Jan, 2020 : Introduced a new tab for Claims in IRDAI Reports.

We have renamed “Member List” to “List”. At Policy Master, we have an option to select Upload Member List. This has been renamed to “Upload List”. In Templates → List, during add/edit, now user can multi select the list of policies. At the time of adding/uploading a list at Policy & Endorsement (request, add, create), now the user can select a desired template followed by adding/uploading list options.

05 Jan, 2020 : Introduced new feature in Organization Master called “Claim Executive”.

We have introduced a new feature in the Organization Master called “Claim Executive”. By default this drop down will be disabled, when enabled, it will provide a provision to set the claim executive during intimation and inward steps. The list consists of all the employees in the organization which will be available in the Apply Filter option in Claims section.

22 Dec, 2020 : Introducing new feature called “Discounts.

We have introduced a new feature called “Discounts” in Business Statement Download. This feature will be OFF by default. If ON, and then during Add/Edit Policy, we should be able to give discounts to customers.

21 Dec, 2020: Introduced Downloads at Employee Master.

Sibro introduces Downloads at Employee Master. Now admin user can download employee basic details until the date of his/her designation.

21 Dec, 2020 : Introduced Custom Fields feature in Employee Master.

We have introduced Custom Fields feature in Employee Master. From now onwards, admin can create necessary custom fields wile adding employee details into the software. You can see a ‘Custom Fields’ button just before Add Employee button at Employee Master. Similar to the Client Custom Fields, you can add Employee Custom Fields by clicking on it.

18 Dec, 2020 : Provision to clone existing RFQ Templates.

We have included the provision to clone existing RFQ Templates. Cloning will create a new RFQ template but with the content filled from the cloned template.

18 Dec, 2020 : Custom fields are now available for the Endorsements section also.

Please note that “Custom fields” are now available for the Endorsements section also. It will now help you to make necessary alterations/corrections and store the endorsed details as required.

17 Dec, 2020 : Minor updations in Lost Business Report.

Please note that now while downloading the Lost Business Report, you can also see the reason for loss data in it.

17 Dec, 2020 : Introduced search by custom fields.

While selecting an existing client — while adding a prospect, premium, etc — we now have added the ability to search not just by name, phone number and email address, but also by all custom fields. So, for example, you can now even search by say Vehicle Number or ID Number, and then select a client.

16 Dec, 2020 : Introduced two additional columns called “Mandatory” and “Status”.

Please note that we have introduced two additional columns called “Mandatory” and “Status” in Client, Policy, and Claims Custom Fields.

15 Dec, 2020 : Introduced on screen editing for member list upload.

We have introduced on screen editing for member list upload. You can also bulk upload member list when the list is large. You can view member lists via Reports > Member List also.

15 Dec, 2020 : Converted Category into Master based.

Now you can manage category settings via Settings > Policy > Policy Master > Class of Policy (button) > Category (button). The newly added category can be selected while creating a new “Class of Policy”.

14 Dec, 2020 : Sort order of installments.

Sort “All” tab by the order of updated at – latest on top.
Sort Due Today by the order of brokerage receivable – highest on top.
Sort Due Tomorrow by the order of brokerage receivable – highest on top.
Sort Due This Week by the order of lowest date (nearest on top) followed by brokerage receivable (highest on top).
Sort Due This Month by the order of lowest date (nearest on top) followed by brokerage receivable (highest on top).
Sort Overdue by the order of highest date (nearest on top) followed by brokerage receivable (highest on top).
Sort Paid by the order of updated at (i.e. last recorded payment should come on the top)”.

14 Dec, 2020 : Renamed the Rewards Master into Commission Master and made it available full time.

We have renamed the Rewards Master into Commission Master and made it available full time. Also, we have introduced a new field named Default Brokerage Percentage just before the Default Rewards Percentage. If bifurcations are enabled, then bifurcation wise Default Brokerage Percentage will be now available instead of a single input box

11 Dec, 2020 : Introduced a new provision called “Stop Follow Up”.

If a claim is Settled, Repudiated or Closed, we have introduced a new provision called “Stop Follow Up”. This will help the user to clear the next follow up date of a claim.

10 Dec, 2020 : Rename ‘RFQ Template Master’ to ‘RFQ Master.

In order to avoid confusion, we have included some visual separation to the name of the template. n Also in Template Master and Add New RFQ step, when Add More is clicked, we have set the toggle or checkbox default status as ON.

10 Dec, 2020 : Introduced a way to capture premiums if a policy or endorsement has more than one payment.

We have introduced a way to capture premiums if a policy or endorsement has more than one payment. At the converted page, now you can see the total amount and number of payments as a label followed by a “+” symbol to add more payments. The popover will show all the available premium transactions of the prospect (i.e. amount, payment instrument). By clicking the plus button, you will be navigated to the “Add Premium Transaction” page where you can record your transactions accordingly. Also please note that the plus button won’t show up for policies or endorsements where there are no connected premiums. Instead, it will be the “Add Premium” button.

09 Dec, 2020 : Installments will be displayed at “Home” based on both its follow up date or policy start date..

From now onwards, Installments will be displayed at the “Home” page based on both its follow up date or its policy start date.

08 Dec, 2020 : Improvements in Invoice format.

Minor improvements has been done. Now the decimals and other points display are much simple and user friendly.

08 Dec, 2020 : Updations in the Policies.

We have included the “Gross Premium” as a new column in the Policies > Converted Excel Download. Also we have We have divided the Policies-Upcoming into two sections-Fresh and Renewals. Fresh section will display New and Rollover business recorded in the software. Renewals section shows all the upcoming renewals.

07 Dec, 2020 : Minor updations in adding a prospect.

While adding a prospect, if the type of business selected is Rollover or Renew, now the system will ask for two more fields such as “Previous Insurer Name” and “Previous Insurer Branch”.

07 Dec, 2020 : Ability to Connect Emails via SMTP.

We have removed the current Google Drive integration. A new tab has been introduced for emails, where AWS can be turned OFF and SMTP can be turned ON. When SMTP is ON, all the emails of the employees will be listed with the provision to update their SMTP credentials. If SMTP is added, then such emails will go via SMTP and it doesn’t require bcc.

07 Dec, 2020: Member List Improvements.

We have added a new programmed variable called Employee Number. Also done some visual separations in field type master dropdown options for enhancing user experience.

07 Dec, 2020 : Changed the login place holder from “Username/Email” to “Username” only.

As users cannot login with email, we have changed the login place holder from “Username/Email” to “Username” only. This change has been implemented in Reset password page also.

04 Dec, 2020 : New minor update in “Disable” button functionality in Master. 

From now onwards, the Disable button will only display in the Master if the corresponding data are not in use in other areas of the software.

04 Dec, 2020 :Updations in Accounts-Invoices. 

In Accounts-Invoices, if the Country selected is not India and the insurer invoice is ON, from now onwards, the software will load GST or its equivalent tax name.

03 Dec, 2020 : New minor update in “Disable” button functionality in Master.

From now onwards, the Disable button will only display in the Master if the corresponding data are not in use in other areas of the software.

03 Dec, 2020 : Updated the email search functionality. 

The email search functionality has been updated. Now it you give you much more precise and distinct search results for your inputs.

26 Nov, 2020 : Introduced a new feature called “Policy number unique”. 

We have introduced a new feature called “Policy number unique”. By default, this will be enabled so that no same policy number should be allowed for multiple clients.

20 Nov, 2020 : Introduced new variable types at the member list template master.

We have introduced the following new variable types at the member list template master.
The newly added variables are as follows:-
TPA ID No., Claimant Name, Name of Member, Contact Number, Email Id, Relation with Claimant (Restricted to: Self, Spouse, Children, Parents, Others), Age of Member, Gender (Restricted to: Male, Female), {{All Claim Custom Fields}}, Date of Birth and Health Card Attachment.
In the Add Claim pages, the user can modify their member list templates to have variables made from the above new types too.

18 Nov, 2020 : Payment improvements. 

On the Add Premium Transactions page, while clicking the add prospects button for adding multiple prospects, from now onwards, the serial number will be displayed to the left of the policy name drop down.

12 Nov, 2020 : To enhance the user experience, we have now combined the select client and add new client feature.

To enhance the user experience, we have now combined the select client and add new client feature.

14 Sep, 2020 : Visual improvements in Click and Expand and Menus. 

New visual improvements in Click and Expand and in Menus have been implemented for enhancing user experience.

10 Sep, 2020 : Introduced follow up mechanism for Converted Policies and Endorsements.

We have introduced follow up mechanism for converted policies and endorsements also. Now you can see the past follow up notes and add new ones if needed. There won’t be any next follow up date time as we are referring to the converted policies and endorsements.

08 Sep, 2020 : Introducing Auto Generate Endorsement Number in the Organization Master.

We have included a new drop-down called Auto Generate Endorsement Number in the Organization Master. Once enabled, when an endorsement comes, the system will auto-suggest an endorsement number. The format of the endorsement number will be “Policy Number-n” (where n = 1,2,3,4… etc.)
For example, if the policy number is OIC/548/2020/09/000048, then the first endorsement number will be suggested as OIC/548/2020/09/000048-1 and the second endorsement will be suggested as OIC/548/2020/09/000048-2, and so on.

28 Aug, 2020 : Introducing Paid and Due Installments.

This is a new feature for defining a clear separation between the Due and Paid Installments in the Policies section. Now installments will only display when the PREMIUM is NOT PAID for the respective tabs such as Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due This Week, Due This Month, and Overdue. Also we have introduced a new tab Paid just after the Overdue tab for showing Installments only where the PREMIUM is PAID.

20 Aug, 2020 : Email Master Enhancements-Inclusion of Net Premium and Gross Premium as Email Variables.

We have included two new variables to Email Master named Gross Premium and Net Premium. Now while drafting the email for sending the policy document to client, Sibro user will also have the provision to add Net Premium and Gross Premium variables in the email content.

12 Aug, 2020 : Tax Enhancements: Ability to set product specific default tax rates.

Till recently, default tax rates were loaded from the master. From now on, it is possible to set product specific tax rates via Policy Master. A new mandatory field called Default {{Tax}} % has been included in the Add Policy form. The value entered here will be taken as the default tax rate for that policy.

27 Jul 2020 : New Feature: Member List Templates.

Sibro already had a feature to upload member list. However, the member list templates were predefined. From now on, member lists templates are customizable. You can create as many member list templates as you want. Read more

18 Jul, 2020 : New Feature: Add Premium for Converted Policies.

This update is relevant for brokers & agents who allow the purchase of insurance policies on credit. From now onwards, if the credit option is enabled, and if the payment is pending, an Add Premium button will be displayed on the policy row. When payment is received for a policy, click on the respective Add Premium button and record the premium. Read more

15 Jul, 2020 : RFQ Enhancements: Added excel preview for RFQs

Now we it is possible to preview RFQ in both PDF and excel files.

12 Jul, 2020 : New Feature: Inclusion of Tax Master.

Sibro introduces a new feature called Tax Master that helps us manage different tax rules of different countries effortlessly. The process is quite simple.
Previously GST & TDS were the default tax names. If it had to be changed to VAT or Service Tax or Withholding tax, and if you had to edit it, you should have done it via Translations. But from now on, with Tax Master, you can more effortlessly set up your desired tax names, and its corresponding rates. Read more

06 Jul, 2020 : Policy Merging.

Sibro offers the provision to merge them together via the Merge Clients option.. Read more

03 Jul, 2020 : Advanced search option in Email Templates-Revamp of Search (Global Search)

Now we are able to search emails by To & Cc. Also now we have the provision to define custom email IDs in email template CC; this is in addition to option to set client email address.

20 Jun, 2020 : New feature: Sibro Notify Customer feature

The Notify Customer feature will enable the claim staffs to notify their customers via email and WhatsApp right from the software itself. So, when a query comes, while the staff updates the software, he/she can also email and WhatsApp the customer that his/her claim is queried and the shortfall document needed to be submitted to take the claim process further. The software also automatically logs the communication respectively. Read more

18 Apr, 2020 : New feature: Claim Custom Fields

Inclusion of claim custom fields will help the Sibro users to include customized fields while dealing with their claim entries. An Add Custom Field button has been placed in the top corner. On click you can see all the claim custom field details with their respective Position Number, Field Name and Field Type.

04 Apr, 2020 : New feature: Rewards Master

Rewards management feature will help the Sibro users to record certain monetary benefits the brokers enjoys apart from the brokerage commission within the software.

21 Mar, 2020 : New feature: Auto Reconciliation

Now the user will have the option to download a sample excel sheet by clicking on the Download Sample Excel button. Open the excel after downloading and you can see two sections and as Policy Endorsement Number and Brokerage Receivable. Enter the data received from the insurer and save the excel file. Now click on the Upload Excel File button and upload the corresponding excel file and click Next. You will get a toast that says “Auto-reconciliation is Successful”. If there are any irregularities, the system will display the details as an alert message. If there is any mismatch in the amount raised, you can issue a debit note so that the amount can be settled later.

07 Mar 2020 : New feature: Co-insurer Cases

New Feature: Co-insurer cases
Improvements: Convert prospect; with 3 workflows (for international)

22 Feb, 2020 : New feature: Master Based Premium Bifurcation

Here we can define the various bifurcations of a policy. This is an optional master; where you need this only if you have different types of policy components.

22 Feb, 2020 : New feature-Support for Multiple Languages

New Feature: Support for more languages (international; Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian)

08 Feb, 2020 : UI Improvements

UI improvements on Reason for Loss Master and improvements on Daily Email Summary.

25 Jan 2020 : Improvements-PDF Theme Customization

Improvements: PDF Theme Customization
Bug Fix: Mail listing issue for the privilege cases

11 Jan, 2020 : New Feature-International Tweaks

New Feature: International Tweaks (Select Timezone, Currency, Financial Year Start Month)
Bug Fix: Modal window close on click outside disabled

14 Dec, 2020 : Improvement-Policy Data Import

Improvement: Policy Data Import Improved
Improvement: Added Insurer filter at Upcoming Policies

30 Nov, 2020 : New feature-Balance Due Report

New feature: New Report: Balance Due Report (optional, only when credit allowed)
New feature: Custom Fields (Client, Policy)

16 Nov, 2019 : New Improvements

Improvement: Changed all pages & reports to list policies by IRDAI Business Date wise

2 Nov, 2019 : New feature-Customize Theme

New feature: Customize Theme, PDF revamp
Improvement: Set Policy to be renewed default at Policy Master

19 Oct, 2019 : New feature-Booked In

New feature: Booked In (optional) – masters, add/edit policy, filters

12 Oct, 2019 : Improvements-Major Migration

ImprovementsMajor Migration → moved to highly available, replicated cloud environment

05 Oct, 2019 : Improvements-All Masters

Improvements: All masters (except RFQ) changed to click & expand, and modal windows
Bug fix: Reworked write off logic at Accounts

21 Sept, 2019 : Improvements-More Privileges Controls

Improvements: More privileges controls added to Employee Master
Bug Fixes:Changes in Home > Pending Tasks listing

7 Sept, 2019 : Improvements-Premium Register

Improvements: Premium Register improvements
Improvements: Accounts related minor improvements

24 Aug, 2019 : Improvements

Improvement: Credit Note, Debit Note and Net Premium added to Invoice with statement Download.
Improvement: Added Client Attachments, and Other Attachments
New Feature: Added Client Credit (for International Customers)

10 Aug, 2019 : New Feature-Member Business Summary

New Report: Member Business Summary added
Improvement: Added Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due This Week, etc to Installments

22 Jul, 2019 : New Feature-Added new drop down ‘Policy to be renewed’

New Feature: Added new drop down ‘Policy to be renewed’ at Policy master; this will be the default renewal condition during Policy Add.

30 Jul, 2019 : Bug fixes-Creation of New RFQ

Error at creation of new RFQ from Policies → Upcoming; Fixed

25 Jul, 2019 : New feature added-Organisation Master

Organisation Master Added. Set organisation name, logo and default email footer here. Email footer has variables Employee Name, Designation and Branch.
Improvement: Write Off Logic at Accounts Module has been updated to accommodate certain use cases.

28 Jul, 2019 : New update-Default Renewal Condition

Added new drop down Policy to be renewed at Policy master. Now this will be the default renewal condition during policy addition.

22 Jul, 2019 : New feature added-Translation 

New Feature: Translation. Support for more languages (international; Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian etc.)

22 Jul, 2019 : Bug fixes-Multiple field import.

Fixed issues with multiple field import options in policy custom fields.

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