Product Updates

Exclusive Upcomings

New categories in Email Template Master (Prospect follow-up, Claim follow-up, Query response to claim processor.)

Upcoming new enhancement.

POS Disbursement

Upcoming new feature.

Invoice templates modifications for improving customer experience

Upcoming new enhancement.

TPA Integration Improvements (auto populate member list)

Upcoming new enhancement.

Mobile App (Android, iPhone) (New features)

Upcoming new enhancement.

Dropbox Integration

Upcoming new enhancement.

Zoho Books Integration

Upcoming new enhancement.

Completed Updates

Introducing Auto Generate Endorsement Number in the Organization Master (Optional). (Added on 08 September, 2020)

We have included a new drop-down called Auto Generate Endorsement Number in the Organization Master. Once enabled, when an endorsement comes, the system will auto-suggest an endorsement number. The format of the endorsement number will be “Policy Number-n” (where n = 1,2,3,4… etc.)
For example, if the policy number is OIC/548/2020/09/000048, then the first endorsement number will be suggested as OIC/548/2020/09/000048-1 and the second endorsement will be suggested as OIC/548/2020/09/000048-2, and so on.

Introducing Paid and Due Installments. (Added on 28 August, 2020)

This is a new feature for defining a clear separation between the Due and Paid Installments in the Policies section. Now installments will only display when the PREMIUM is NOT PAID for the respective tabs such as Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due This Week, Due This Month, and Overdue. Also we have introduced a new tab Paid just after the Overdue tab for showing Installments only where the PREMIUM is PAID.

Email Master Enhancements: Inclusion of Net Premium and Gross Premium as Email Variables. (Added on 20 August, 2020)

We have included two new variables to Email Master named Gross Premium and Net Premium. Now while drafting the email for sending the policy document to client, Sibro user will also have the provision to add Net Premium and Gross Premium variables in the email content.

Tax Enhancements: Ability to set product specific default tax rates. (Added on 12 August, 2020)

Till recently, default tax rates were loaded from the master. From now on, it is possible to set product specific tax rates via Policy Master. A new mandatory field called Default {{Tax}} % has been included in the Add Policy form. The value entered here will be taken as the default tax rate for that policy.

New Feature: Member List Templates (Added on 27 July 2020)

Sibro already had a feature to upload member list. However, the member list templates were predefined. From now on, member lists templates are customizable. You can create as many member list templates as you want. Read more

New Feature: Add Premium for Converted Policies (Added on 18 July 2020)

This update is relevant for brokers & agents who allow the purchase of insurance policies on credit. From now onwards, if the credit option is enabled, and if the payment is pending, an Add Premium button will be displayed on the policy row. When payment is received for a policy, click on the respective Add Premium button and record the premium. Read more

RFQ Enhancements: Added excel preview for RFQs . (Added on 15 July 2020)

Now we it is possible to preview RFQ in both PDF and excel files.

New Feature: Inclusion of Tax Master (Added on 12 July 2020)

Sibro introduces a new feature called Tax Master that helps us manage different tax rules of different countries effortlessly. The process is quite simple.
Previously GST & TDS were the default tax names. If it had to be changed to VAT or Service Tax or Withholding tax, and if you had to edit it, you should have done it via Translations. But from now on, with Tax Master, you can more effortlessly set up your desired tax names, and its corresponding rates. Read more

Policy Merging. (Added on 06 July 2020)

Sibro offers the provision to merge them together via the Merge Clients option.. Read more

Advanced search option in Email Templates-Revamp of Search (Global Search) (Added on 03 July 2020)

Now we are able to search emails by To & Cc. Also now we have the provision to define custom email IDs in email template CC; this is in addition to option to set client email address.

New feature: Sibro Notify Customer feature (Added on 20 June 2020)

The Notify Customer feature will enable the claim staffs to notify their customers via email and WhatsApp right from the software itself. So, when a query comes, while the staff updates the software, he/she can also email and WhatsApp the customer that his/her claim is queried and the shortfall document needed to be submitted to take the claim process further. The software also automatically logs the communication respectively. Read more

New feature: Claim Custom Fields (Added on 18 April 2020)

Inclusion of claim custom fields will help the Sibro users to include customized fields while dealing with their claim entries. An Add Custom Field button has been placed in the top corner. On click you can see all the claim custom field details with their respective Position Number, Field Name and Field Type.

New feature: Rewards Master (New feature-optional) (Added on 04 April 2020)

Rewards management feature will help the Sibro users to record certain monetary benefits the brokers enjoys apart from the brokerage commission within the software.

New feature: Auto Reconciliation (Added on 21 March 2020)

Now the user will have the option to download a sample excel sheet by clicking on the Download Sample Excel button. Open the excel after downloading and you can see two sections and as Policy Endorsement Number and Brokerage Receivable. Enter the data received from the insurer and save the excel file. Now click on the Upload Excel File button and upload the corresponding excel file and click Next. You will get a toast that says “Auto-reconciliation is Successful”. If there are any irregularities, the system will display the details as an alert message. If there is any mismatch in the amount raised, you can issue a debit note so that the amount can be settled later.

New feature: Co-insurer Cases (Added on 07 March 2020)

New Feature: Co-insurer cases
Improvements: Convert prospect; with 3 workflows (for international)

New feature: Master Based Premium Bifurcation (Added on 22 February 2020)

Here we can define the various bifurcations of a policy. This is an optional master; where you need this only if you have different types of policy components.

New feature: Support for Multiple Languages (Added on 22 February 2020)

New Feature: Support for more languages (international; Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian)

UI Improvements (Added on 08 February 2020)

UI improvements on Reason for Loss Master and improvements on Daily Email Summary.

Improvements: PDF Theme Customization (Added on 25 January 2020)

Improvements: PDF Theme Customization
Bug Fix: Mail listing issue for the privilege cases

New Feature: International Tweaks (Added on 11 January 2020)

New Feature: International Tweaks (Select Timezone, Currency, Financial Year Start Month)
Bug Fix: Modal window close on click outside disabled

Improvement: Policy Data Import (Added on 14 December 2020)

Improvement: Policy Data Import Improved
Improvement: Added Insurer filter at Upcoming Policies

New feature: Balance Due Report (Added on 30 November 2020)

New feature: New Report: Balance Due Report (optional, only when credit allowed)
New feature: Custom Fields (Client, Policy)

New Improvement (Added on 16 Nov, 2019)

Improvement: Changed all pages & reports to list policies by IRDAI Business Date wise

New feature: Customize Theme (Added on 2 Nov, 2019)

New feature: Customize Theme, PDF revamp
Improvement: Set Policy to be renewed default at Policy Master

New feature: Booked In (Added on 19 Oct, 2019)

New feature: Booked In (optional) – masters, add/edit policy, filters

Improvements: Major Migration (Added on 12 Oct, 2019)

Improvements: Major Migration → moved to highly available, replicated cloud environment

Improvements: All Masters (Added on 05 Oct, 2019)

Improvements: All masters (except RFQ) changed to click & expand, and modal windows
Bug fix: Reworked write off logic at Accounts

Improvements: More Privileges Controls (Added on 21 Sept, 2019)

Improvements: More privileges controls added to Employee Master
Bug Fixes:Changes in Home > Pending Tasks listing

Improvements: Premium Register (Added on 7 Sept, 2019)

Improvements: Premium Register improvements
Improvements: Accounts related minor improvements

Improvements (Added on 24 Aug, 2019)

Improvement: Credit Note, Debit Note and Net Premium added to Invoice with statement Download.
Improvement: Added Client Attachments, and Other Attachments
New Feature: Added Client Credit (for International Customers)

New Feature: Member Business Summary (Added on 10 Aug, 2019)

New Report: Member Business Summary added
Improvement: Added Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due This Week, etc to Installments

New Feature: Added new drop down ‘Policy to be renewed’ (Added on 22 Jul, 2019)

New Feature: Added new drop down ‘Policy to be renewed’ at Policy master; this will be the default renewal condition during Policy Add.

Bug fix: Creation of New RFQ (Updated on 30 Jul, 2019)

Error at creation of new RFQ from Policies → Upcoming; Fixed

New feature: Organisation Master (Added on 25 Jul, 2019)

Organisation Master Added. Set organisation name, logo and default email footer here. Email footer has variables Employee Name, Designation and Branch.
Improvement: Write Off Logic at Accounts Module has been updated to accommodate certain use cases.

New update: Default Renewal Condition (Added on 28 Jul, 2019)

Added new drop down Policy to be renewed at Policy master. Now this will be the default renewal condition during policy addition.

New update: Translation (Added on 22 Jul, 2019)

New Feature: Translation. Support for more languages (international; Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian etc.)

Bug Fixes: Multiple field import. (Added on 22 Jul, 2019)

Fixed issues with multiple field import options in policy custom fields.