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Sibro insurance broking software is specifically designed to cater to the needs of insurance brokers, insurance agents, and corporate insurance agents. This comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features and functionalities, including managing prospects and renewals, drafting RFQs (Request for Quotation) and conducting quote comparisons, tracking policies and claims, handling invoicing and reconciliation, generating reports, ensuring compliance, and more.

What sets Sibro apart is its user-friendly and simplified interface, making it an efficient and easy-to-use tool for professionals in the insurance industry.
Sibro stands out in the market due to its unique selling points (USPs), which include easiness of use, ease of customization, integration options, and cost-effectiveness.

When it comes to easiness of use, Sibro is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it one of the most straightforward broking software solutions available. Customization is another strong feature of Sibro. It allows insurance broking users to tailor the software to their specific needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their insurance broking business requirements. Moreover, Sibro offers a wide range of integration options, facilitating seamless connectivity with other tools and systems to enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

Cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage of Sibro insurance broking software. The software offers exceptional value for its features and capabilities, making it a cost-efficient choice for insurance brokers. Sibro also prides itself on its commitment to continuous improvement. The company actively listens to user feedback and consistently seeks ways to enhance the software further.

Furthermore, Sibro is open to customization, with amazing exclusive insurance broking software features already integrated into the platform, catering to the diverse needs of various brokers.
Sibro offers a range of pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of its users:

Monthly Subscriptions (Cloud Hosting): This option is well-suited for small teams consisting of up to 30 users. It provides the flexibility of a cloud-based solution with the convenience of monthly billing.

Monthly Subscriptions (On Premise / Own Cloud Hosting): Designed for teams with larger user bases exceeding 30, this choice is ideal for those who prefer on-premise or self-hosted solutions while still enjoying the benefits of a monthly subscription model.

Upfront Purchase (On Premise / Own Cloud Hosting): Tailored for organizations with substantial user counts, typically exceeding 100 users, this option allows for a one-time upfront purchase, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to accommodate larger teams with a more permanent and robust solution.
Certainly, we offer discounts on pricing for those who choose to make an annual commitment. When you pay for the full year upfront, you can benefit from our discount structure, which includes a 16.66% discount, equivalent to 2 months free, for a one-year commitment.

If you opt for a two-year commitment, you'll receive an even greater discount of 25%, equivalent to 6 months free. These discounts provide a cost-effective way to make a longer-term commitment to Sibro.
Sibro automatically creates the renewal list for you. It also records client followup, help create quote comparisons, and converts prospects to policies eventually. You can never miss a renewal if you are using Sibro!
Yes! Sibro not only helps you draft RFQs and create Quote comparisons, but also helps you Email and WhatsApp them to insurers and clients right from the software.
Sibro tracks every stage of a claim like form intimation, document receipt, sending documents to claim processor, claim follow ups and shortfall, and settlement or repudiation. Additionally, Sibro can integrate with TPAs to get member list & TPA card details, as well as claims status update.
Yes. You can send email, SMS & WhatsApp from Sibro with a simple set up. Email & WhatsApp integration is free and comes out of the box. SMS integration involves one time paid manual integration with your preferred SMS vendor. There after, you pay the actual cost of SMS. No per SMS charges from our side.
Yes, Sibro is compliant with IRDAI regulations. You can also download the Quarterly & Annual IRDAI return filings with click of a button.
No, Sibro's accounts module only deals with insurance-related accounting. For general office accounting, you should use a software like Tally, Zoho Books or Xero.
Absolutely! Ensuring high levels of data protection is our responsibility and we take it seriously. Sibro has automated daily backups which is always encrypted and log every user action for security and audit trail.
On boarding and training support, unlimited email & telephonic support, biweekly updates, and bug fixes. We usually push new updates once every 2 weeks; either as an improvement to existing features or new features. New features are prioritized based on existing user requests.
Yes. It is possible. You can do that on a single click. The body of the message will be set already. Yu can just need to click on the SEND button.
Yes. Sibro is a cloud based services and it is not limited to any location or office space. What you need is a proper internet connection and a device with a web browser.
Yes, most of our clients have multiple branch offices and they are genuinely comfortable using Sibro.
Yes, you can make a payment every month with no huge upfront cost.
Yes. Your data will be safe and secured with SIbro. even in the unlikely event of the data center going down, we will still be able to restore our servers and go back live within 24 hours (depending on the size of the data).
No. SIbro offers unlimited storage space for all your data needs. This will be clearly explained in the Pricing section. To know more about SIbro’s pricing, click here.
Yes. Sibro supports permission levels. Anything related to the user permissions can be managed by the SIbro admin itself.
Sibro is very much responsive and it fills the gap of developing a mobile application for the same purpose.
Yes. We mainly offer three types of installations such as Monthly Subscription, Own Cloud and On Premise installations.
Sibro is an end to end insurance broker software and it always listen to insurance brokers’ requirements and commitments and try to match the software functionalities. The exclusively features offered by the Sibro helps him/her to handle the tasks.
Here you can create invoices and keep track of them and find out the missed out payments. In addition to that, weekly and monthly reports have to be maintained to compare business performance and increase sales. Auto-reconciliation is another prime feature offer by SIbro.
We all know that there are so many insurance broker ERP softwares available int he market to manage the entire claims life cycle. But only very few softwares support TPA and realated integrations. Sibro is one of them. Most of our customers are much relieved now that they have simple software to handle claims better and faster with many other exclusive features owns by SIbro only. Click here to know more about Sibro’s features.
No, customer support will be included in the monthly package.
This new feature helps the claim staffs to email and WhatsApp the customers right from the software itself. So, when a query comes in, while the staff updates the software, he will also notify the customer that his claim is queried and the shortfall document needs to be submitted as soon as possible to take the claim process further. Click here to know more about this feature.
The software will give you the work summary for each day. Thus, you will be able to see and improve your progress. The best thing about this feature is that a person can see others’ progress based upon user privileges.

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