Frequently Asked Question

Ask us your doubts regarding Sibro. We are here to assist you and help you scale.

How much does Sibro Cost?

Sibro has 3 subscription plans. Start up, Business and Enterprise. The cost totally depends on the size and requirements of your business. See pricing page for details.

Can we go through Sibro before purchase?

Yes, you can. Just let us know your details by clicking here and we will get back to you for a demo.

What is the difference between Shared and Dedicated hosting?

In Shared Hosting, the server is shared with other insurance brokers and agent organizations who are using Sibro. In Dedicated hosting, the server is exclusive to an organization.

The Start Up plan comes with Shared Hosting only. The Business and Enterprise plans gets dedicated hosting on request.

Dedicated hosting will additionally attract actual server costs to your monthly bill.

Can I switch plans?

You can upgrade easily, but you may not always be able to downgrade freely.

If you have heavy customization or third party integrations done, then we may not be able to move you to a Shared Hosting Plan.

If you have more than 500/5000 Customers, then you may not be able to downgrade until you delete some of the Customers from the system.

Is shared hosting available for Enterprise plans?

Yes, shared hosting is available in the enterprise plan, provided, you do not require any customization.

Can I customize Sibro for our specific needs?

Sibro is designed for Customization. However, you have to be on the Enterprise Plan to get Broker Specific Customizations Implemented.

Will dedicated hosting get regular updates?

Absolutely Yes. All customers will get free regular security and feature updates.

Will Start Up Plan get Telephonic Support?

Yes. All plans get Unlimited Phone and Email Support.

What are the limits on the Number of Users, Policies, Claims, Storage, etc?

You can have unlimited Users, Policies, Claims, Storage, etc. The only cap is on the number of Clients an organization can handle, when on a plan. Everything else is unlimited.

Can I discontinue a Subscription?

Yes you can, though you may never ever want to.

Let us know when you want to stop. We will help you export all data and close the organization on the date you want to discontinue.