Policies & Endorsements

Sibro helps you track the status of your policies & endorsements; like premium received, document received, sent to client, received by client etc. It also tracks the process TAT, and escalates ageing policies.

Track Policy & Endorsement Status

Track by Document Received? Sent to Client? Delivered?

Filter by Age & TAT

Follow Up instalments; monthly, quarterly, annual, etc

Enable 'Client Login' and so clients can download policies and more

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Alternative Text

Always Available

Get the status of your policies and endorsements on the fly; be it mobile, tablet or PC.

Custom Fields

Define custom drop downs & text boxes; which are searchable, downloadable, and reusable.

Email & WhatsApp

Email & WhatsApp policy documents to customers right from the system.

Search Everything

Out powerful Search & Filter mechanism helps you find & drill down data by any parameters.

Powerful Reconciliation

Expose mistakes in commission and policy data. Find who did what via policy edit history.

Client Login

Invite clients to login and download policy documents, see claims status, and more.

Why Sibro?
Simple to Use, End to End, Stay Organised, Faster TATs, Scale Better, Always Available, Automate Work, Grow Faster, Easy to On board

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