Best Tips for Insurance Brokers to Improve Claims Experience

August 5, 2020 in Insurance Broking

Best Tips for Insurance Brokers to Improve Claims Experience

Someone defined insurance claims as a moment of truth. It is true. This is the very single point of business where all your promises get tested. Your customer values your commitments. If you could manage their claims experience clean and perfectly, then you have a bunch of prospective customers coming in, may be as their references or by the way truth is nurtured

Follow up until the process is over

Guide them through the process and let them know what the roadblocks that they face during the process stages. Help them with the documents and take care of their issues they possess.

Support them emotionally

Behave as a trusted friend during the process period. Most of the customers have the impression that none of the companies didn’t care about the claims that they need to provide. So you can be different here. Support them in their worst stages of life. Help them to become emotionally strong. Build a never breakable relationship.

Be a mediator of contact

It is quite common that customer gets drained out as well as become confused with the claim processes. Being a trustful broker you have to be with them and act as a mediator for any communication and documentations they required.

Absorb their complaints and frustrations

Never argue with them during their heavy times. You never know the load of pain they carry with them. Try to hear what they have to say. Soak up all the frustrations they shower on you. Most of the times they just want someone to hear their complaint and they want to feel like something will be done about it.


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Encourage quick action from your side

Time plays an important factor in claim processing. Most of the time customers postpone the documentation submission due to the current issue they face. But you have to support your clients to react to their adjusters with any essential paperwork, information, or anything else as swiftly as possible.

Insurance companies don’t want to delay claims in any manner. They want to pay them as early as possible but it is the responsibility of the customer to submit the required document on time.

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