How to Create Professional Insurance Quote Comparison Sheets

March 7, 2024 in Insurance Broking

How to Create Professional Insurance Quote Comparison Sheets

Professional insurance quote comparison sheets have become a “MUST” for insurance brokers who deals with potential clients all day. People have forgotten those excel sheet quote comparison sheets post-Covid. Digitization has accelerated the in-house broking activities to a new level of customer interaction. Now people instantly evaluate an insurance broker as soon as they receive a quote comparison sheet from their representative.

Most of the customers have been already used to those auto-generated quote comparison sheets that look way more professional and customer-friendly compared to manually prepared excel sheets.

Now there began to grow a “TRUST” factor. People tend to think that those brokers who possess an automated insurance broking system have much more business audacity than those who don’t. These newly nurtured thought processes have now begun to grow beyond words and expectations.

This article is especially for insurance brokers. You will get to know how you can create your own professional quote comparison sheet and help yourself to win your potential customers. 

What is an insurance quote comparison sheet?

An insurance quote comparison sheet is a consolidated document that contains the quotes of different insurance companies for a particular policy. This document will give you a clear picture of how much you will have to pay for a particular policy depending on the insurance company you choose, the coverage details, and related exclusions.

What is the importance of insurance quote comparison sheets in winning new customers?

Insurance quote compassion sheets have become one of the most important factors customers tend to evaluate before finalizing their purchase decisions. As these policy coverage details are presented in this document in a comparison mode, it helps the customer to quickly go through the details and instantly compare its features, premium amount, coverages, exclusions, add-ons, and all in between.

So, if you offer your customer an informative but concise and professional quote comparison document, then the chances of getting that business in on a higher note. When they understand the details in simple terms, they start asking questions. When you gave them satisfying but diplomatic answers, conversion is surely on the cards.

What are the best ways to prepare insurance quote comparison sheets in the modern insurance broking scenario?

Either go for the conventional excel representation style or choose the latest most modern professional quote comparison sheets instantly generated by insurance broking software. The choice is that simple.


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How can I create professional insurance quote comparison sheets?

Every insurance broking software has its own ways to crEate quote comparison sheets. If you opt for Sibro insurance broking software for the same, here are the simple and easy steps to create a professional insurance quote comparison.

This software will help you to create requests for quotes and allow you to send them to the respective insurers via the software itself. After sending those RFQs to the insurers, the system will display that it is waiting for a response from the respective companies.

As soon as you get a response from the respective insurance companies, the software will give you a provision to record their quotation details into the system, one by one. Once the necessary information has been entered into the system, by a simple click of a button, a professional and standard quote comparison sheet will be generated with all the necessary information.

There is also a Notify Customer button, where you can email and whatsapp this quote comparison sheet to your customer instantly.

Sibro insurance quote comparison sheet builder offers you a list of RFQ (request for quote) templates that are already configured within the software. Let’s see how you can draft a perfect RFQ for your insurers’ instantly and effortlessly using Sibro Insurance Broker Software?

You can use Sibro Insurance Broker Software to draft a perfect RFQ for your insurers effortlessly. The process starts by logging in to your Sibro insurance broker software account and clicking on the Policies section, where all the upcoming policies are listed. Select the respective policy that you want to create an RFQ for and click on it to expand the item. The details of the policy will be displayed, along with an “Add New RFQ” button. Clicking on this button will bring up a pop-up where the system will by default draft an RFQ for the prospect with the available details. You can then edit or remove any details as needed. This easy and straightforward process enables you to draft an RFQ instantly using the Sibro insurance broker software. >>Watch Video<<

Once you have sent the RFQ to the insurers, the system will indicate that it is waiting for responses from the respective companies. As soon as you receive a response, you can update their quotation in the system by clicking the “Quote Awaited” button, which will display a pop-up for making the necessary edits. After completing all the updates, click the “Save Quotation” button. Repeat this process for other respondents as well. Once all quotes have been updated, you can preview the Quote Comparison Sheet by clicking on the “View Detail Quote Comparison” button. This will generate a professional and standardized quote comparison sheet with all the necessary information. To share the quote comparison sheet with your customer, simply click on the “Notify Customer” button, which will enable you to send the quote comparison sheet to them via email or WhatsApp.

What are the best insurance broking softwares that I can use to create instant quote comparison sheets?

Search on Google “best insurance broking software”. You could find a list of software solutions for insurance brokers and agents that allows you to generate quote compassion sheets instantly and error-free. But it has to be your decision to go with which software. You need to evaluate your priorities and the terms of your business before taking a purchase decision. Some of the most modern software that you can explore are Sibro, Perfect Quote, and Velvetech.

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