7 Best Lead Generation Tips for Your Insurance Broking Business

May 23, 2022 in Insurance Broking

7 Best Lead Generation Tips for Your Insurance Broking Business
This article will walk you through the most recommended lead generation tips for insurance brokers and agents to generate high-quality policy leads on a consistent basis. Check out the details now.

Finding potential clients is an art. That’s why insurance lead generation is one of the most challenging characteristics of the insurance broking industry. Like any other marketing activity, the hitches and lenience of policy selling co-exist. It’s all about how you perceive the behavioral patterns of your potential customers and act accordingly.

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These insurance lead generation tactics will boost your confidence and guide you in building qualified leads on a continuous basis. Here's what you will learn.

What is insurance lead generation?

Most recommended lead generation tips for insurance brokers

Major DONT’S while working insurance leads

The best insurance lead generation software available

What is insurance lead generation?

Insurance lead generation is a sequence of activities that includes analyzing your customer base’s purchase behavior, drawing their sales journey, creating and executing the best sales strategies that align with their purchase decisions, and implementing them in order to draw potential insurance customers and streamline your potential client base.

#1: Be a genuine “helper” to your existing client base

Becoming a helping hand to your customer base is one huge achievement you can acquire down the lane. If your customer calls you for some kind of help other than the insurance part if you can possibly help them, advise them, and guide them. This will create an impression on your customers’ minds that you are trustworthy. That’s how you build your business. Never make fake promises and throw prejudiced judgments. There comes the “genuine” part. This is not at all a must-part in generating quality leads. But of course, they can act as a genuine catalyst in generating new customers and potential leads. So act accordingly.

#2: Practice compensation based referral programs

An effective way of generating quality insurance policy leads is compensation-based referral programs. If you have a trusted client base, then getting references are much easier. But it won’t be the same for everybody. So irrespective of the client’s nature, create and propose an effective compensation-based referral plan. This will help you to bring more and more potential leads.

#3: Network, network, and network

Well, this is pure basics. But something more than important. Networking is the primacy of quality lead generation. Whenever you meet a client, make sure you leave a mark in their minds, something graceful. Talk to diplomatically them their family members, colleagues, relatives, or anybody that can be useful to you. Be a professional, but a trustful friend. Make them remind you next time they think “insurance or policy”. That is how you do your networking.


Major DONT’S While Working Insurance Leads

Check out some of the important DONT’S that needed to be completely avoided while working with insurance leads.

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#4: Listen more to talk levelheaded

This is something you always forget. You always try to win your customer by outtalking them. Sometimes this strategy may get you some amount of success, but not always. There is a better approach. Listen to them. When people understand that you are giving them proper ears, then you clearly have an advantage there. If you could explore that advantage, that’s it! Rest you know!!

#5: Automate your in-house broking activities

Managing your in-house insurance broking activities is always a time and effort consuming task. The bitter part is ever if you spend enough of your time and effort, the chances of human error are comparatively on the higher side. This will lessen your time to focus much more on potential lead generation.

Is there a solution for that? Well, of course YES!!

Maybe it’s time for you to explore one of the best insurance broking software. Go through the features these automated software offer for the broking business. Analyze and compare them with what you need actually. If this resolves your major difficulties, then give it a try.

#6: Sell necessities, not policies

Understand what they actually want, their nature, their interests, their behavioral patterns, etc. Then talk to them. Walkthrough their interests. Prioritize what actually wants. Then co-related their necessities to what you actually sell. Convince them that the product that you offer will resolve this and the issues or necessities that they are facing right now.

#7: Think and behave like a “modern” insurance broker

Well, who is a modern insurance broker? That makes the first question. The second is what this “modern insurance broker” has over other insurance brokers. If you follow these practices, then you fall under the “modern” category, the rest falls under the “normal”.

  • You always do enough groundwork before you meet a customer
  • You set practical goals that you can conquer
  • You sharpen your niche constantly
  • You practice product explanatory skill

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