What software do insurance brokers use?

February 18, 2021 in Insurance Broking

What software do insurance brokers use?

Insurance brokers use a variety of insurance broking softwares for the past couple of years. The decision to go for any particular one depends on numerous factors. The majority of the brokers go for insurance broker software products that offer indefinite flamboyance features but only a few consider those insurance broker software that offers them what exactly they need.

Let’s have a walk through some of the best insurance broker software solutions modern insurance brokers choose during the last decade.

This is a simple to use IRDAI compliant broking software that helps you to systematically record all your prospects, then periodically follow-up your clients, followed by drafting RFQs/quote slips, preparing quote comparison sheets, and finally recording policies and receiving payments.

It also offers:

  • Exclusive features that help you to create professional quote comparison sheets
  • Ability to easily reconcile your commission statements and get your due commissions
  • Get your get IRDAI reports with a click of a button
  • Email, WhatsApp, and SMS your customers and insurers right from your software itself

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10 Features of a Perfect Insurance Broking Software

Let’s us walk you through the best insurance broking software features that every insurance broker tend to acquire to gain a steady growth pace in the current business scenario.


An insightful agency management system offers flexible features and helps you to manage you business operations and handle your clients in a systematic manner. It helps you to tracking commissions, fees, and interest rates on payment plans

It also offers:

  • Ability to provide an automated update about the policy information
  • Via this software your customers will have the ability to issue their own certificates
  • Ability to create invoices, collect payments, issue receipts, and process refunds
  • Offers easy to use marketing forms

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5 Tips to Become a Successful Insurance Broker in 2021

How to be a successful insurance broker in 2021?


This is an ITC’s insurance agency software that offers you the provision to automate all your tasks and help you to run an insurance agency successfully. This software offers different provisions to track your commissions, update your policy data, and reconcile all the payment transactions.

It also offers:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in accounting features
  • Ability to print documents
  • Cloud storage with high-end security

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This is a complete insurance agency software that is being dedicated to the property and casualty market, fulfilling the requirements of MGAs, Program Administrators, Wholesalers, insurance carriers, reinsurers, and retailers.

It also offers:

  • Permits you to rate, quote, and issue insurance policies easily
  • Eases your claims management
  • Offers drag and drop attachments and emails
  • Ability to track sales and provides reports and insights

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Top 10 Features of an Insurance Software Product for Brokers

This article gives you the top 10 features that an insurance broker management software must possess.


This is one of the leading cloud agency management system focused on specialty insurance distribution. Basically, this is a market driven application      that will help your insurance business elevate to a new level.

 It also offers:

  • Fully-fledged policy management
  • Offers underwriting panel
  • Document management
  • Offers real-time reporting

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SIBRO offers more than you THINK!

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Checkout the incredible features of Sibro, the best IRDAI compliant broker software for insurance broking companies in India, Philippines and Botswana.

Best Insurance CRM Software for Brokers

This is an agency management system that helps insurance professionals to facilitate their commission processing, integrated business activities, etc. This is a dedicated application focused on life and health insurance agencies. It also offers:

  • Lead tracking and management of prospects
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Custom reporting feature with visually appealing graphs and charts
  • Permits you to set up, customize and timetable different campaigns

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Check out the best insurance software in the market?

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