Know about Sibro Insurance Broker Management Software

September 5, 2019 in Insurance Broking

Know about Sibro Insurance Broker Management Software

Sibro is an end-to-end insurance broker management software to manage everything in the easiest way. It is a great time-saver for all insurance brokers, agents, and agencies. It manages all your policies, reminds you of renewal date & follow ups, handles RFQs & invoices, generates reports, sends daily summary, and whatnot!

How Sibro started?

Sibro’s journey began as a simple software to replace excel sheets for an insurance broking firm. Soon, we started receiving subscriptions one by one. We have seen so many insurance brokers worrying about their issues. We started to create solutions for their problems. As we were removing their broking problems continuously, more and more insurance brokers came to Sibro. After adding many features and functionalities, it has now become a one of the best CRM for insurance brokers and agents.

How does Sibro differ from other insurance broking software?

Unlike other insurance broker software, Sibro helps you to sell better and scale faster in the most hassle-free way. Let’s take a quick look at why Sibro is one of the top reviewed insurance broking software.

Sibro is self-explanatory.

Sibro is easy-to-use and designed in a way for customers to experience a smooth on-boarding journey. Even a first time user can start working on it without any assistance. Sibro automatically takes the information which is already filled hence you don’t have to type again. Also, we have a Sibro documentation posted on our website to make Sibro easy to the easiest. Check it out and know yourself how Sibro performs one of the best selling insurance broking software.

Sibro helps you send RFQs directly from software.

Sibro is an insurance broking software with inbuilt RFQ template that can help the users to ease their efforts while working on their RFQs. All you have to do is fill the required details and send it to insurance companies.. After receiving the quotes from different companies, Sibro helps you create a quote comparison chart and send it to customers in a matter of time.

Sibro has the most affordable pricing plan.

Even though SIbro offers quality services and privileges to its users it can be considerer as low cost insurance broking software because of its affordable pricing. Sibro goes with the saying – ‘Pay as you grow.’ Yes! Sibro is designed to help everyone grow hence it is highly affordable. We make our pricing plan clear and straightforward. We do not charge hidden costs too. We also offer dedicated hosting for unlimited users and customers. You can take a quick look at our pricing plan by clicking here.

Sibro eliminates irrelevant details.

This is the most common mistake every software provider makes. They display details which are unimportant and the user will not spend any time in future. Sibro realized this issue and removed unwanted features and updates. Sibro correlates various important details and made work simpler. In fact, Sibro shows only things that are relevant in taking actions and that’s one reason for its evolution as one of the best reviewed insurance broking software. Less is more!

Sibro acts a vital reminder tool for your daily business.

Sibro reminds you of every tasks and events so that you cannot miss any deadline which can lead to a successful business endeavor. Sibro also have an option to remind every customer’s special days like birthdays and festivals which gives a way for a stronger and healthy customer relationship. You can even disable this but most insurance brokers and agents prefer this feature as it is the best way to improve quality customer experience.


SIBRO offers more than you THINK!

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Checkout the incredible features of Sibro, the best insurance broker software in India, Philippines and Botswana.

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How Sibro works and how to use it?

Sibro starts with updating the basic details such as employees, branches, privileges, insurance companies etc. Once filled, you can even import your existing customer lists. To know more, check out this article – Getting started with Sibro? Here’s everything you need to know about it.’

Getting started with Sibro? Here’s everything you need to know about it.


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