Getting started with Sibro? Here’s everything you need to know about it

Sibro is an easy-to-use and effective insurance broker tool. It is designed in a way that it makes the entire business simple and stress-free for insurance brokers, agents, and agencies.

It will keep you updated in prior about all upcoming policies, claims, renewals, and follow ups. Therefore, there is no chance to miss out any business.

How Sibro benefits insurance brokers and agents?

Insurance industry is rapidly developing by incorporating diverse technologies and marketing strategies. Most of the insurance brokers realise this value in prior and implement them but that’s where they fail. Let’s say, a broker is adopting a CRM to run his entire business. He is not doing enough research before buying one. Most of the insurance CRMs we have seen is not what a broker exactly want. It contains certain features and updates which is kept unused and merely consumes space. When he ended up with such software, he can’t attain the work efficiency he desires for. After listening to many brokers and agents complaining about the same issue, we removed unwanted features from Sibro and kept only things they use regularly. Our customers started noticing an improvement in work productivity resulting in more sales.

Sibro is a simple CRM solution which makes the work easy and hassle-free for insurance brokers and agents. Now, you might have a doubt about features that Sibro has.

What Sibro really focuses on?

Easy quote management

For creating a quote, all you have to do is enter the policy details! Sibro will create a professional RFQ and then you can send it directly from the software. You can create a few RFQ templates for various classes of policies. So, the next time before you send a quote, you can select the required template and forward.

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End to end policy control

Sibro help you manage every policy in an effortless way. Firstly, you can import your old prospects to software so that the software will remind you about existing renewals. Once it's done, you can keep track of all policies and improve TATs. You can edit the policy or add follow up note or convert to policy or mark as lost; you can perform all these actions from one place. Thus, Sibro ensures you have the smoothest policy delivery cycle.

End to end claims control

Claims management is the easiest with the help of Sibro. It helps you track everything from claim intimation to settlement. For every claim, you can view the date of each and every stage - claim intimated date, documents received date, queried date, and query response date. Thus, Sibro integrates with claim processors to to retrieve and update claim statuses automatically.

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Automated reconciliation

After hearing from so many agents and brokers that reconciliation process is complicated and takes away most of your time, we decided to automate the same. Thus, Sibro saves you from committing human errors and missing out a payment. If you are a newbie or aren't aware of how account reconciliation important in broking industry, check out this article - "Why is account reconciliation important for insurance brokers?"

Reports & Insights

Sibro generates various reports to give you a perfect insight of how your business is progressing. You can also generate IRDA compliance reports. Reports can be made for various categories such as client-wise, insurer-wise, policy class-wise, month-wise, and more. Sibro will also generate reports for the businesses you have lost. This way you can improve your progress and drive in more sales.

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If you have already started with Sibro, this article is a must-read to use the most out of it. Check it out now