Top Sales Conversation Builders for Productive Insurance Selling

September 14, 2020 in Insurance Broking

Top Sales Conversation Builders for Productive Insurance Selling

Conversation builders often come naturally in interactive discussions. But if you are someone who specifically focuses on sales, then you have to be a bit careful about what you speak. The fact is if you didn’t ask relevant questions to your customers, they won’t get along. If you are an insurance professional, you have to talk accordingly. The words that come from your mouth should be professional and should reflect the image of the organization you represent.  

In this article, we are focusing on some of the relevant conversation builders that will help you to sell more insurances and create healthy customer relationships. These questions are asked with a pre-mindset that they will become a purchaser in the near future.

How are you doing today?

You may think this as a common icebreaker for starting conversations. But this is something more that helps the person on the other end to have a quick review of his/her present-day and make themselves feel comfortable. It also gives you more of a friendly start rather than a rigid business talk So always make sure you practice this as a pleasant starter. The point is never to jump into business instantly.

Do you have kids? What are their names? How old and what they do?

People are always happy to talk about their kids if they have. A few family details will create an interactive mood between you and the customer. But before asking you have to make sure your client is a family person and has the so-called family members. Otherwise, this will create a negative impact on your conversations. Act accordingly.

Where do you work? What do you do there?

This is where you start converting the mood from personal to business. Ask about the customer’s profession and his experience. This will give you a platform where you can change the conversation slowly to its business version.

Can you give me a brief about your last claim experience that you remember?

This question is relevant only if they have any previous or existing insurances. This is where you step into your business talk completely. Instead of briefing your products and services, kick start by asking about the customer’s past claim experience. This will give you an outline of what he/she thinks about insurance services.

What’s the worst incident you’ve ever experienced, been in?

This is where you start creating demand. Normally people are not that interested in insurance and its dealers. So before marketing your products, you have to create a necessity. This is the bridge that you need to build. It connects your business options with the customer. The point is to create a necessity factor and take it from there.


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What coverage do you specifically prefer?

Now you are completely into the business. It’s time to show your marketing skills. But still, don’t rush. Ask what exactly they need. Understand your client’s requirements and then start explaining the products and services. Make sure you explain your product’s benefits in such a way that it fits or resolves the client’s primary requirements and eventually make him/her choose the same.

Besides price, what’s the next most important thing for you?

This creates a trigger of self-esteem. Customers will automatically have an esteemed feeling and in order to retain that value and prove their point of interest apart from monetary value, they will point of some attributes that you can use for your ongoing marketing interactions. Also, it will help you to introduce more product categories and helps for cross-insurance selling.

Actually you qualified for an X discount. Are you currently getting that?

This is a physiological move to make them feel that they will be getting enough and more monetary consideration while doing business with you. Never make any fake promises but be clear on what you offer and keep your word no matter what happens.

What communication channel do you prefer?

This is somewhat a closing stage or a “getting confirmation” stage where the customer gets interested and is ready to purchase. When you are about to conclude the meeting, ask your client about the medium of communication that he/she prefers to follow for future follow-ups. This will draw a more dedicated and trusted image of an insurance professional and will help you to tie a string; more of a robust customer relationship.

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