Major groundbreaking tips that will help you to win new brokerage businesses

September 14, 2020 in Insurance Broking

Major groundbreaking tips that will help you to win new brokerage businesses

Our current economy, social system, and the environment are facing uncertainties like never before. We all know that the future is going to be highly unpredictable. Still, the best part is, the insurance industry is adapting to the change and is facilitating growth step by step. 

So, being an insurance broker, if you are thinking of winning some new businesses and becoming successful in the next quarter, then there are some couple of actionable items that you need to take care of.

This article will brief you about some of the major groundbreaking tips that will help you to win new brokerage businesses.

Sharpening your niche

Customers always look for insurance specialists to help them in making their choices. They prioritize the brokers based on the added values an expert can offer. So the point is, if you are someone who is acting as a generalist, consider diversifying in to exact market needs, acquire more practical knowledge about the products and services that you offer, practice the selling knack, make your customers convinced by your professional approach and then start winning customers.

Setup/Update your website

Considering the modern business scenario, the website acts as the shop front for your business. If you aren’t giving considerable importance to your shop front, then you are missing the big picture. As smartphones are evolving as the priority search tool, you need to make sure that your website is looking good in the mobile view also. You have to offer them quite a professional mobile experience while using your website.

Building connections

If you are successful in all the above actionable items, then building connections will become as simple as that. People will start approaching you without having a second thought. The connections will not only bring you more and more businesses but also new prospective clients that you can make you of them in future. Also you have to make sure you partner with the best quality insurers and make your target audience reliable.

Software support

Having a professional website and consistent social media presence will bring you customers, but for winning them and shaking hands you need the help of quality insurance management software. People tend to attract to business processes that are automated instead of being manual. If they are having a gut feeling that the one they are approaching is doing the business with the help of one of the top-rated insurance management software, the chances of winning insurance businesses are on the high. Before choosing a software, make sure you have done a self-analysis on what exactly you need.

Make sure the insurance broker software you choose must posses features such as the ability to track uninvoiced businesses and follow up your insurers, create Invoices and send to Insurance companies, track invoice payment statuses, perform auto reconcile business statement and expose mistakes in commission statement, TDS Reconciliation etc. You should never go with what they offer.


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Consistent social media presence

Taking care of your social media profiles is as important as managing your website. Considering the latest business model, a LinkedIn profile is a must if you are having a B2B business. Facebook is another unavoidable platform where you will have an ocean of customers provided if you have that consistency and professionalism in managing your social media accounts and posts. Try creating quality content that matches your industry/business as well as interests the potential customers. You might be surprised by the results these options can bring you.

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