Top 5 Areas Where You Save Time While Using Sibro Instead Of Excel

March 25, 2020 in Insurance Broking

Top 5 Areas Where You Save Time While Using Sibro Instead Of Excel

Check out how Sibro helps insurance brokers and agencies for the smooth running of their business.

Sibro Vs Excel

During the infant stages, excel was more than enough to track your client’s polices. Yes, we know that. But what happens when your business starts to flourish? Will that be enough? Here comes the importance of this best insurance broker ERP software, Sibro. If you could replace your excel sheet with Sibro, then you will be saving a lot more time than ever before. Check out how.

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Here are the top five differences that will help you to understand why switching from Sibro to Excel is crucial for insurance brokers and agencies.

Auto-Reconciliation with Sibro

Reconciling with Sibro; upload your business statement and Sibro will tell you if there are any human errors and more.

Manual-Reconciliation with Excel

Reconciling with Excel; either you are doing it wrong or you are just doing inaccurately.

Professional RFQ Drafting & Quote Comparison Sheet in no time with Sibro

RFQ Drafting & Quote Comparison Sheet in ONE CLICK!
You just need to give the basic inputs and Sibro will immediately create a professional-looking RFQs. You can share it via Email/WhatsApp. Even if you want to mail 10 insurers, Sibro will do the same from your mail on one go (separate mail to each insurer).
This entire process will be completed in the utmost 10 minutes.
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Manual RFQ & Quote Comparison Sheet drafting with Excel

Considering the same example, in the case of excel, you need to create RFQs (tedious process), go to Gmail, attach the documents, and send mails 10 times which is clearly time-consuming.
When using Excel, the entire process will take a minimum of an hour or more. The quality of sheet won't be good though.

Renewal management with Sibro becomes easy like never before

Renewal Management; Data stored in Sibro is up to date and free of human errors. Sibro will remind you about your upcoming renewals, prospects, and their follow-ups.

Renewal management with Excel can have human errors

Renewal Management; At least 5% of your excel sheet data will have errors that are unnoticed.
For ex., while uploading our new clients excel data to Sibro, few data were missing, errors were found, etc. Excel sheet doesn't remind you promptly.

Sibro's uncompromising data security and accessibility

Sibro is in cloud. No matter where you are, you can access your data via mobile or any computer; fastest and easiest way.

With Excel, data security and accessibility is time consuming

You can't stay in touch when you are on a business trip or working from home or simply not in office. You get to mail them first and most of the time the sheet won't be updated.

Track policies and claim with Sibro

You can track each and every policy and claims at every stage. If you are facing the issues like policy received but not money, unable to track claims etc, it's best for you to go with Sibro.

Not able to track policies and claims with Excel

You can't track and you will treat every client the same, resulting in poor client management. You aren't sure of which policy or claim is aging longer.


SIBRO offers more than you THINK!

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Checkout the incredible features of Sibro, the best insurance broker software in India, Philippines and Botswana.

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