This is how to manage multi-branch offices in the insurance business.

Visiting and checking up on your business daily is essential to meet the expectations of your company production level. But is it possible always when you own multiple branch offices? No, it's very challenging. It would be too difficult to visit all branches daily and it would be even worse if branches are located in other states and countries. It's impossible, right?

When the situation gets worse, most insurance companies are doomed to failure. Meanwhile, smart companies will adopt various operations to manage the multi offices simultaneously.

To have everything under control and to handle multiple branch business more efficiently, you have to streamline your offices with technology. You may understand what I am trying to say by now, but how?

The major issues while managing multi branches are these - it is difficult to collaborate with employees from different locations, it's very usual to forget about the deadlines while having a pile of tasks at your desk, it's unclear to monitor accounts and reports, and many more.

By proper implementation of technologies, you could operate your business successfully. This is what you should do immediately to avoid getting into problems further.

Get a system for your business

Yes, you can manage your work and your employees work in all branches. By having the right tool to schedule and organize work, all your lives will get a lot easier. It saves you time, effort, and helps you focus on the company's big picture.

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Keep track of your employees

With the features like time sheets and assignments, you can see their daily work progress and they wouldn't take advantage of the boss not being present at their offices. Using an insurance agency software, you can create branches and teams in the software and assign the respective employees. It will be easy for them to share the data too. Therefore, it helps the entire team to work way more collaboratively.

Keep track of your business

Without visiting each location, you can collect the daily accounts information when you use insurance ERP software. It will update the details in real-time which is highly useful in multi-branch offices. Also, it will store all the data in the cloud hence you need not worry about security and recovery issues.
In addition to that, you can be aware of each actions that has been performed in your business. You have a follow up with prospects to catch up with, the software will notify. You have pending renewals, the software will notify. You have to send RFQs' to insurance companies, the software will let you send it on one click. You have to send policy documents to clients, the software will WhatsApp or email directly. There are many interesting features - Automatic Reconciliation, TPA Management, IRDA reports, User-Privilege Controls. To explore deeper, check out this.

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