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Getting the Masters in Place

Updating Sibro insurance broker software settings, i.e., updating your branches, employees, their privileges, insurance companies, TPAs, etc., is the first step of on boarding.

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Insurance Broking Software Displays All Branch Masters In One Place
software listing out upcoming renewals in calendar


Importing Old Prospects

Transferring your old prospects (if any) to software via spreadsheet template or old policy add form is the next step. Sibro insurance broker software thus will remind you about your existing renewals.

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Follow Up Renewals & Prospects

Start creating prospect follow ups and notes right from the prospect page. As Sibro insurance broker software comes with a simple CRM, it helps you perform various actions from one place.

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Client Details Of All Upcoming Policies
Software Integrated With Google Docs And Sheets For RFQs


Quotation Management

Sibro insurance broker software integrates with google drive for Quotation Management, allowing you to create highly flexible, version controlled RFQs from templates, which can be edited concurrently.

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End to End Policy Control

Manage all converted policies stage by stage easily. Track and improve their TAT, and ensure the smoothest policy delivery experience with Sibro v3.

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Insurance Brokers Software Displays All Converted Policies And Details
List Of Insurance Claim Details And Statuses


End to End Claims Control

With Sibro insurance broker software , track, follow up and proactively get your claims processed. With a few additional steps, Sibro can integrate with claim processors to automatically retrieve and update claim statuses.

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The most powerful stage in Sibro insurance broker software is Reconciliation. This step ensures that if you have received the brokerage correctly. Also, it exposes mistakes that might have incurred during the data entry process.

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Details Of Brokerage Reconciliation In Accounts Section
Documents In And Out Details In Insurance Reports Section


Reports & Compliance

Sibro insurance broker software provides insights into how your business is progressing, as well as keeps the data organised for regulatory requirements.


Client Login

An insurance broker’s client can also login to sibro to check the status of his/her policy and documents. The broker can set up login credentials for the client.

Insurance Broking Software Enables Client Username And Password

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