Insurance Broking Software; Keeping Customers Close amid Social Distancing

December 23, 2020 in Insurance Broking

Insurance Broking Software; Keeping Customers Close amid Social Distancing

77.4M. It’s the number of Covid-19 cases around the world recorded to date. Health experts are sure about the steady rise in this number until the vaccination starts. One and foremost important precaution everybody is supposed to practice is nothing but “Social distancing”.

Every industry is either losing customers or their business is decreasing to a larger extent. But the insurance industry is different. So being a potential insurance broker, you have a lot of work to do during this crisis period. The priority must be keeping your potential customer closer to your circle.

This article will brief you on how insurance broking software will help potential brokers to manage their customers systematically and efficiently.

Purchaser’s digital mania

Insurance customer’s purchase behavior has changed immensely during the past years. They are now looking beyond the boundaries drawn by the corporates and their decisions are dependent on other policy owners’ feedback and the sentiment towards that brand. So, being an insurance broker, if you want to stay alive in this age of tech-advancements, you have to align with this purchaser’s digital mania with the help of an insurance broker management software.

Flawless networking

These softwares help insurance brokers to create an internal action-oriented network that can target potential customers. This can be performed with the help of different effective sets of reports derived from these insurance broker softwares, which helps you see the business progress, compare performance, and drive more references.

Why Should You Choose SIBRO?


Hasten alliance

Instant service and automated support are the words for the present insurance broking service. Nowadays customers expect their promised quote compassion sheet on the same day of the meeting itself. If you can’t deliver the same with that period of time, your competitor might take it from there, and eventually, you lose a prospect. If you are still trying a manual-alignment with your customer, then you are clearly choosing the wrong path.

Because, if you have the support of an insurance broker management software, then you can easily draft RFQs, send bulk emails with RFQs to insurance companies, updates the quotations received, creates standard quote comparison sheets, and share these quote comparisons to customers via email and WhatsApp.

Once you have the privilege, then you will understand the lightning speed that you embrace during customer conversion processes.


SIBRO offers more than you THINK!

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Best Insurance CRM Software for Brokers

Access to real-time information

Sensing the ‘client pulse’ warmly is a must trait for every insurance broker. It must be a routine exercise, and it prompts constant and continuous changes in your actions and business conversions. This can be easily achieved via any of the top rated insurance broker management software. Its’ dashboard will give you an overall picture of your entire business recorded in the software in terms of prospects, policies, claims, etc. It will also remind you about all the pending business and provide real time information about the current business statistics which can be productively used for newer business conversions.

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