The Curious Case of Insurance Company Integration and Point of Sales Mobile Application

May 30, 2022 in Case Studies

The Curious Case of Insurance Company Integration and Point of Sales Mobile Application

The POS mobile application has made insurance brokers, as well as the agents, think analytically and exponentially, which naturally progressed them to serve the best lot to their potential customer base. The array of policies offered by any insurance agent is directly proportional to their broker’s understanding of the insurance company integration process. The more insurance companies get integrated with the app, the more policy options are available to showcase.

This article will walk you through about POSP mobile app, the importance of insurance company integration, the process, challenges, how an insurance broking software aligns with the scenario, the end results, etc.

What is a POSP mobile application?

POSP or Point of Sales mobile application is a platform designed for insurance agents where they can instantly access different policies whenever required. This application will have n number of insurance policies ready to be served. Insurance agents who visit their clients can walk them through these policies and sell them promptly without any delay.

Let’s check out the promising features of POS insurance mobile applications.
  • Accessibility of policies details anywhere, anytime
  • Provision to compare different policy options quick and easy
  • Ability to track every step of the policy details and well as the endorsements
  • This app offers the privilege to initiate the claim process instantly irrespective of your location or availability, provided you have enough documents to start with

Importance of an insurance company integration?

Insurance company integration is now considered one of the most protruding in-house activities that help insurance companies nurture a professional and healthy relationship with the insurance brokers in terms of accessibility and connectivity. This process helps the insurance agents to communicate easily and efficiently with their customers and other parties involved.

Our approach to the integration process

Like our every other business outings, our initial sittings were focused on identifying the major pain points faced by our insurance brokers and how these can be addressed effectively in the POSP mobile application. In order to work this out, we conducted different zoom sessions with our prospective brokers and recorded their issues.

The next big thing was the insurance company’s integration. For this case, brokers themselves have initiated the first talks with the potential insurance companies with the support of our technical team. After the first round of discussions, we were able to collaborate with some of the most promising insurance companies.

After the above discussions, our technical team proposed an optimal timeline with periodic milestones involved. As soon as the timelines were put on the table, the discussions become much more proactive. There were a lot of suggestions coming in. We were more than happy to accommodate each and every suggestion, and the timeline was revised and finalized.


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Our execution

Our technical team was well experienced in executing the timeline. We divided the tasks into tiny groups with our core team. The entire process comes out well and well apart from minor technical setbacks. We were able to overall those minor challenges and come out with a well-structured and optimized POS mobile application for our insurance brokers.

Challenges and solutions

Even though we have designed and drafted the necessary test cases to proceed with, still we were focused more on UAT (User Acceptance Testing) side integration. So, after our first round of testing, we inform the UAT team to initiate their testing. After the completion of their testing, they send us an email with a list that contains their suggestions, issues they encountered, recommendations, etc.

What we did was we duly notes all those and revised our test cases whenever the UAT team come up with their notes. This helped us to design a robust and effective test case plan, when executed correctly the integration turned out to be one of the most promising processes that we take care of.

The end result

The end results were always satisfying. Our priority is always satisfying our client’s needs by giving them the most optimal tech solution that they desire. In this case, it was no different. The app become a perfect tool for insurance brokers and agents to engage with their prospective customers and sell insurance policies on the go.

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