How Insurance Brokers can successfully handle Customer Queries

January 5, 2021 in Insurance Broking

How Insurance Brokers can successfully handle Customer Queries

Creating a trustworthy emotional bonding with customers and nurturing them deeper for healthy businesses are every insurance broker’s dream. If you are an experienced insurance broker, from your years of practice you will come to a certain point where there are only a couple of queries that all customers raise, the only difference is their tone and circumstances which makes them different from one other. It doesn’t mean that there are no other questions types prevail. We are trying to consolidate similar ones to have a general understanding.

This article explains some of the most common queries that customers raise while we talk about business. You can also read the most suitable answers that can be used to handle these situations effectively.

“It’s not gonna happen to me. So why should I buy your product?”

This is one common query that we hear even before we start explaining our products and services. Let’s wish them the very best. People believe they are safe just because they were well protected since then. They fail to recognize the uncertainty that follows the very next moment and thus they don’t understand the importance of having insurance coverage.

And that’s the thing about insurance. People pay money for it to safeguard them in advance in case something happens that they couldn’t afford to cover. If they never use it, tell them to be grateful, and if you have to use it, don’t forget to ask for a thank you note. Either way, insurance bestows protection and peace of mind to your customers.

So if you can make them convince of these facts, then you have covered a most important roadblock while doing the insurance broking business.

“I am happy with the way my life behaves. Why bother in investing for protection?”

Let them understand how safe their family will be even if something unexpected happens. Explain to them the importance of having insurance during a critical time in life. Tell them that’s why you are here today. Show them the premium choices you have. Make them compare with their benefits that you offer in terms of the future. 

“With that money, I can run other priorities.”

Most of the time people fail to understand the magnitude of money they spend. Even if they seem interested, the premium amount will let them think that they can spend the same amount on something else. They feel like they are spending this money for no cause. This is another common reply that we can get from the customers frequently. You could use the same information (above) to counter this. Convincing them about the importance of having insurance is a vital part. Never leave the meeting without making them believe the importance of insurance even if they didn’t purchase from you. 

In the end, people will decide what’s best for them but the choices for the decisions have to be ours.

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“I really want this to get done ASAP. I have other errands to run.”

Most of the time you hear this when you are following a completely manual business process. People don’t want to spend extra time on their insurance paper works. The first thing they expect in 2021 is instant and automated business closures. These automated services offer a heavy amount of trust in business relations. They believe that if the broker who offers them service possesses an automated insurance broker software or a CRM, then the post-purchase experience including claims handling will be smooth, fast, and reliable.

So if you are thinking about a future perspective, then you must look for one of the best insurance broker agency management software as your way of business life.


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