10 Best Software for Insurance Broking Companies to Win More Business amidst Covid19 Second Hit

June 2, 2021 in Insurance Broking

10 Best Software for Insurance Broking Companies to Win More Business amidst Covid19 Second Hit

The unpredicted economic effect of the second phase Covid19 has pushed the insurance broking companies into a much deeper crisis. This situation is forcing insurance broking companies to take additional risks in structuring their core businesses strategies and performance road maps.

Moving forward, it is now clearly understood that, if you want to handle insurance business remotely and effectively at the same time, the one and only comprehensive solutions that you can opt is the inclusion of one of the best insurance broking software.

In that spirit, here are the most recommended 10 best software for insurance broking companies that can effectively help them to crack more business even in the middle of the Covid19 catastrophe.

This software is built exclusively for insurance brokers and agents to manage their prospects, policies, claims and customers. The ability to customize according to client requirements and auto-reconciliation features adds the beauty of this software. Highlight features are All-in-one Dashboard, High-end Customization Options, Unlimited Storage Capacity, RFQ Management, Quote Comparison Sheets, and TPA Integration.

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This software is exclusively for property and casualty insurance agencies. You can easily streamline your incoming insurance application and systematically manage your renewal process. This software for insurance broking companies will let you to smoothen your business process and help you to save money and time on a constant basis. Highlight features are automated data population, notes creation, digital signature, file import and data security.

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This software is mainly used by the insurance agents to effectively manage their personal and commercial lines and thus obtain new potential prospects.

Highlight features are claims management, rating engine, policy processing and reinstatement tracking.

This software is useful for all types of insurance brokers who focus on task management, claims management, reporting, self-service certificates etc. NowCrets is hosted in a well secured environment surrounded by advanced firewall technologies which are capable of preventing any kind of data interferences. Highlight features are commission tracking, reminders, calendars, dashboards and e-signature.

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If your priority is the effective exchange of insurance data and information between agents, brokers, insurance providers and consumers. This software for insurance broking companies offers you clean, integrated and open architecture for each clients that assists you to build healthy client relationships, create business opportunities and a lot more. Highlight features are policies and benefits administration, license tracking and document management.

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If you want to manage your life and health insurance agencies in a much more productive way, then AgencyBloc is quite a good option. The highlight features are tracks policies, manages agents and their commissions, and offers complete reporting tool to analyze business performance.

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If you are one among the many independent insurance agencies, then HawkSoft is a fine option. This software will assist you in managing your client interactions and systematically monitor your workflows for commercial and personal lines. The highlight features are real-time quoting, downloads, e-signature, phone integration, and QuickBooks integration.

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For streamlining all your agency workflows, EZLynx is the best CRM option. It also offers an automated commission processing feature exclusive for insurance agents. The highlight features are stores information such as policy documents, statements, notes and more.

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This is one of the most recommended insurance rating and quoting software solution for insurance professionals. It also acts as a single point data entry system to automate your insurance business processes. The highlight features are configurable dashboard, integrated proposals, rates on multiple lines of business and more.

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This is another insurance software mainly for independent insurance agents for managing customer, incoming polices and sales. The highlight features are reconciliation, advanced reporting and carrier downloads.

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