7 Best Ideas to Cross-Sell More Insurance to Existing Clients

July 10, 2020 in Insurance Broking

7 Best Ideas to Cross-Sell More Insurance to Existing Clients

Getting cross sales are always a salesman’s dream. In order to earn it, you have to do something special. But if you can do so, it will not only boost your insurance sales but also help you to grow as a person, a professional and a successful insurance specialist.

Here are some of the best tips to perform insurance cross selling to your existing clients.

Identify multiple targeted products for your potential customers

Your customers always demand multiple lines of products. The only question is whether you are going to deliver it or not? You have to focus on you niche but make sure have enough product backup for satisfy your customer when the situation comes. When you always find a way to prioritize the finest products to cross-sell each client, you will definitely make the most of it.

Practice a tracking system for your customers

It is always advisable to a top rated insurance management software to possess that cutting edge. If you have an automated tracking system where you are able to track your customer policy and other renewals, chances of launching your cross sales and its success rates are on the high.

You check out Sibro, the best insurance management software that help you to easily organize and track every stages of a policy; from prospects & renewal follow-ups, preparation of RFQs & quote comparison, to collecting payments, and delivering policies to customers in order, their endorsements, and a lot more.

Always become aware of the policy changes

This is one of the important aspects to watch out for, if you are practicing cross-selling. It is possible that any new amendments or policy changes may or may not contradict with your cross selling strategies. So make sure you have enough recent knowledge about the policy updates and related IRDAI amendments.

Never perform cross selling over the phone

The fact is customers do not entertain cold calling unless they really want some thing. Like we all know, insurance is one of the many product categories customer often give less priority when it comes to their purchase decision. So if you are planning cross selling, the best approach is to explain your words face to face, warm and pleasant.

Tell them that majority client who bought this “X” has also bought this “Y”.

Sometimes a little psychology may work with certain customers. Some people are attracted towards what their social circle deals with. So if you can identify those attributes during your business conversations, propose them that people who chosed this product has also purchased the other one because of so and so. If you can act accordingly, you can grab prospective customers and walk towards success.

Ask them about post service feedback and introduce new policy

Checking for feedback is always a best practice to impress your customer. This can also be converted as a best business opportunity to talk about cross selling. But you have to make sure that your offerings will be there on your customer’s wish list.


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Use social media to get into your customers

Social media is the new giant advertising platform for insurance industry. Never ignore the efforts to have a consistent social media presence. Cross selling is an inimitable sales affair because you’re going to have plenty of chances to interact with the prospect and gain business if you use your social media platforms effectively and wisely.

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