The Inception of our Employee Welfare App: The Story of Next Level CRM for Insurance Brokers

May 26, 2022 in Case Studies

The Inception of our Employee Welfare App: The Story of Next Level CRM for Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are the modern representation of swift and rapid insurance sales and services. They are aggressive, smart, and self-driven in most all cases. The same is applicable to one of the true companions of our SIBRO insurance broking software, SECURUS Insurance Brokers (India) Pvt Ltd. They were the pioneers in the insurance broking industry with a humongous amount of client base. Even though they are smart and capable enough to effectively manage their in-house broking activities, this one concern makes them put much more effort to manage it. 

What’s their major concern?

It all started when they raised one of their major concerns regarding their piling customer queries on various policy-related information. They were completely happy with the way things were going with the help of our insurance broker software. But what concerns them now is THIS!!

So, we decided to sit together and discuss the concern.

Their customers were calling them regularly asking for different kinds of policy and claims-related details on a continuous basis. Beings the customers are their top priority, they were very much looking for a feasible solution to take care of their existing policyholders with most consideration.

Our initial action plan

Focusing on the exact problem was our all-time agenda. Our software engineers specialized in insurance and technology were ready for the challenge. We were immensely experienced in the insurance industry, ethical and compliant with regulations, and a combined acquaintance in Life, General, and Health insurance domains. We started by diagnosing the problem in detail. We conducted multiple brainstorming sessions within our team and started breaking the whole problem into smaller ones, which again to micro-jobs.

What are the issues we found out?

By closely evaluating the issue, we understand most of their concerns. After further evaluation, we identified a pattern and that’s how we categorized their concerns and issues into the following items:-

  • Their customers want to know their respective coverage details at their convenience
  • Some of them want to know their claim status, in fact, they want to know on an every day or a weekly basis
  • As they were sending the health cards via post, some of them are having trouble getting them on time
  • Some of their clients want to know each and every minute detail of the policy and clarifications on the points they got stuck

What were the major solution we arrived?

The cycle of analysis was continual until we got the best feasible solution for the concerns. At last, after analyzing each and every point, we arrived at the following conclusion.

We can build a tech platform for them that helps their customers to get their policy details whenever and where ever they needed. That means, we built a software product that addresses the above concerns
Finally, the entire team came to the conclusion that we are building an application that works on both mobile and desktop or similar devices.

We believed that will resolve their major concerns to a maximum extent. The next BIG question was, what does this application do?


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About the Employee Welfare Application?

This CRM for insurance brokers helps its application users to view each and every detail of the policy, coverage, claims status, etc. whenever they needed. It also offered them the provision to download and print their health card whenever required. By offering these exclusive features, we believe that we are serving our clients to manage their prospective customers with the most feasible insurance tech solutions available in the industry right now.

Check out the app features in a nutshell:-

  • Access your complete policy details
  • View all of your coverage details
  • Explore your recent claim status
  • Download and print your health card when required

What are the challenges we faced?

Challenges are always the part and parcel of our work nature. In fact, we love challenges. This project was no similar. Initially, we had a smooth kick-off and things were going pretty well.

The claims details as well as the health card details were evaluated by the Third Party Administrators (TPAs). In order to have these details in the application that we are building, we need some kind of collaboration with the TPAs. Firstly, it seemed a bit difficult to pool with them because of the work nature both the parties followed. Eventually, we both settled for TPA integration which seemed to be the optimal solution for this interim issue. In order to smoothen the process, we also parallelly developed a backend system to facilitate the new challenge.

The next challenge was getting APIs from these TPAs. Some of them are very happy to provide, but some are a bit reluctant to do the same. This made us a little bit slower with our timeline. But our urge to succeed with more than ever. So we scheduled a couple of marathon meetings with our client and well these TPAs until we reached a viable solution. Fortunately, that worked and the APIs were on the table when needed.

The end result?

Apart from the above challenges, the entire development process was completely smooth and promising. Within the timeline itself, we were able to pull off a feasible mobile app that resolved 99% of their initial concerns. The entire team as well as our client were ecstatic. When we look back, the combination of the best insurance broking software, as well as the best CRM application, makes this broker a futuristic insurance broker in the aggressive and vibrant insurance broking industry.

At last, there were big smiles on everyone’s faces. And that is something we thrive for!!

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