The Insurance Professionals’ Perfect Pulley for Building Conversations

July 10, 2020 in Insurance Broking

The Insurance Professionals’ Perfect Pulley for Building Conversations

Let’s start with the facts. Nobody is excited to have insurance. Also they hate premiums. People think premiums are dead money. So how does this works out? How you can succeed in building your initial conversation and end up in selling insurance?

Let’s checkout the tips!

Kick start with an exciting job description

In order to kick start a conversation, you must need to present your name and a title for what you do. It must be simple yet exciting.

Something like, “You won’t believe me if I say about what I do for a living!”

This will trigger the curiosity in them. Never ever use the word “insurance” here. It will completely loose all the excitement at once. Also you will lose you customer eventually.

Explain about your ideal client

Brief them about the common characteristics of the people that you love to work with. Explain about the qualities that you expect in a client. This will make them feel the necessity to rise to the level of an ideal customer that you think he/she should be.

Present yourself as a problem solver

Explain with a short example on how you helped one of your client is a critical solution and assisted him/her to resolve an issue. Make sure you brief this as much as possible. Never try to exaggerate the scenario.

Explain the insurance part

Now explain your niche. Never give an image of a common insurance broker or a seller. Describe to them what you really do and what you can really offer to your client.

Put together and draw the pulley

Connect everything that you portrayed before. Prioritize insurance and its necessity. Give enough respect and value to your client. Make him/her believe that you expect that the business deal will happen because he/she is one among the ideal clients that you mentioned before.


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