SOP for Sibro Onboarding

March 26, 2020 in Insurance Broking

SOP for Sibro Onboarding

We don’t waste our time by TRYING new strategies every single time. We have this standard operating procedure to do it RIGHT. This article explains our systematic step by step process.

  1. Book a Demo

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    You can schedule a demo via our website. You will have to option to select Zoom, Google Hangout or Phone as the medium for demo.

    Thinking of booking a demo? Click here

  2. Invoice Raising and Payment Completion

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    We will raise an invoice as per the demo and discussions. After the payment is completed, we will move forward to the next step.

  3. Admin Setup

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    A one hour session where you will get all the crystal clear idea about setting up the Admin.
    After completing the payment, you can book this session anytime as per your convenience.

    Ready for Admin setup. Book Now

  4. Prospects to Policy Training

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    Once Admin training is completed, Policy training starts. It is divided into two parts.
    Day 1: All basics including Adding Prospects and related, Policy Adding, Tracking etc. (30 minutes)

    Book a Policy Training. Click Here

  5. Endorsements and RFQ Training

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    Day 2: Endorsements, RFQs and Quote Comparisons. (10 minutes).

    Endorsements and RFQ Training. Click Here

  6. Claims Management Training

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    This session covers the entire claims management process in depth. (30 minutes).

    Claims Management Training. Schedule Now

  7. Accounts Management Training

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    This session helps to understand the accounts and its management. (30 minutes).

    Accounts Training. Schedule Now

We are offering you lifetime support to make sure you are fully on boarded and are capable of using all the exclusive features of Sibro. and thus you are benefited by it.
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Want to know more?

Check out this video explains the entire on boarding process in detail. You will learn each and every step. Click the below video link and explore.