Frequently Asked Questions

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What can Sibro do?

Sibro is made for Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, and Corporate Agents. Sibro helps you manage prospects & renewals, Draft RFQs & Quote Comparisons, Track Policies & Claims, Invoicing, Reconciliation, Reports, Compliance, and many more. It does all these in a simplified and easy to use manner.

What are the USPs of Sibro?

For Simplicity, ease of customisation, integration options and cost. Sibro is one of the simplest broking softwares out in the market. And is constantly improving; we listen to your feedback, and decide how to improve further. We are also not resistant to customisation; there are more than 23 exclusive features already built on top of Sibro for various brokers.

What are the various pricing options?

1: Monthly Subscriptions (Cloud Hosting); ideal for small teams of up to 30 users.
2: Monthly Subscriptions (On Premise / Own Cloud Hosting); ideal for teams with more than 30 users
3: Upfront purchase (On Premise / Own Cloud Hosting); ideal for more than 100 users

Do I get discounts on Pricing?

Yes, we allow discounts if you opt for annual commitment; that is, if you pay for the entire year in the beginning. You will get 16.66% discount or 2 month equivalent for 1 year commitment, and 25% discount or 6 month equivalent for 2 year commitment.

How does Sibro help with policy renewals?

Sibro automatically creates the renewal list for you. It also records client followup, help create quote comparisons, and converts prospects to policies eventually. You can never miss a renewal if you are using Sibro!

Can Sibro manage quote comparison?

Yes! Sibro not only helps you draft RFQs and create Quote comparisons, but also helps you Email and WhatsApp them to insurers and clients right from the software.

How does sibro help in claims support?

Sibro tracks every stage of a claim like form intimation, document receipt, sending documents to claim processor, claim follow ups and shortfall, and settlement or repudiation. Additionally, Sibro can integrate with TPAs to get member list & TPA card details, as well as claims status update.

Can I send email, SMS & WhatsApp from Sibro?

Yes. You can send email, SMS & WhatsApp from Sibro with a simple set up. Email & WhatsApp integration is free and comes out of the box. SMS integration involves one time paid manual integration with your preferred SMS vendor. There after, you pay the actual cost of SMS. No per SMS charges from our side.

Is Sibro IRDAI compliant?

Yes, Sibro is compliant with IRDAI regulations. You can also download the Quarterly & Annual IRDAI return filings with click of a button.

Does Sibro include general accounting?

No, Sibro's accounts module only deals with insurance-related accounting. For general office accounting, you should use a software like Tally, Zoho Books or Xero.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! Ensuring high levels of data protection is our responsibility and we take it seriously. Sibro has automated daily backups which is always encrypted and log every user action for security and audit trail.

What does the subscription include?

On boarding and training support, unlimited email & telephonic support, biweekly updates, and bug fixes. We usually push new updates once every 2 weeks; either as an improvement to existing features or new features. New features are prioritised based on existing user requests.

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