90% of insurance brokers choose the wrong CRM. Where do they go wrong?

An insurance CRM should be an ideal partner for insurance brokers by helping them to manage and grow their business. But most of the insurance brokers end up disappointed because they select the CRM which doesn’t serve their business needs well. Do you want to know why?

Problem: The CRM does not match your business strategies
Solution: Identify your business needs

When you buy a CRM, remember that you are implementing a complete new technology platform into your business. This would change the way your office works. Hence, before taking a dive into it, do some research and identify what you need from your software. Speak to your co-workers and find the most important issues they are facing. Once found out, note down the features you need to solve the same. If possible, discuss with other insurance agencies or brokers and find the features which was most helpful for them. Doing this helps you not fall into irrelevant CRMs. It conveys what your business needs and what not.

Problem 1: Choosing the CRM without having knowledge about how it looks and works
Solution: Must Try Demo

The most-important and difficult step is to identify which system is best-suitable for you. Kindly note that not all CRMs are designed alike. Hence, you will have to try using each CRM separately to find which has the features you need for your business. A few CRMs will offer you free trial to try the CRM before you buy. As a matter of fact, if you want a risk-free trial, try Sibro. So, you can use it in real time, know how everything works, and decide if it’s worth buying it.

Problem 2: Being not aware of the company that provides CRM
Solution: Research deeper

Before investing in CRM, ensure if your data will be safe and secure. In addition to researching about CRM, you will have to research about the company which delivers the same. Enquire them about

  • the level of encryption they provide 
  • how easy is to transfer data from previous system
  • who hosts the system if it is cloud based 
  • if the CRM is up-to-date
  • the customer reviews and testimonials 
  • if there are any hidden costs
  • if there are additional costs for every update
  • the online or in-person training to use the CRM

Perform deep research, come up with more questions, and find the perfect company for you.

Problem 3: Wasting your time and money with the CRM that has various unused, irrelevant data
Solution: Buy a CRM which provides up-to-date, relevant, and high-quality data

This is the major reason for why insurance brokers fail in choosing the CRM. There are many CRMs available with preset features and parameters which may not match up with your business flow. Without a second thought, avoid such kinds! The point of using CRM is to take your company to a new level of success. So, you have to make the most out of it by acting on the data it provides. At that time, the focus should be on managing quotes, client relationships, and tracking tasks. Few CRMs gather data which is not so important and merely your time gets wasted. For example, report on the ‘number of times you have made a call to a client’ is unnecessary. Hence, choose a CRM which is not complicated and gives valuable data.

Problem 4: Employees need special training to know how to use it
Solution: Buy a CRM that’s self explanatory

While adopting a CRM, every employee should undergo training sessions to know how everything works. It is essential to increase the efficiency of using the software. But if you’re urgently searching for a CRM, you could get Sibro (No, I’m not marketing the product, there is a valid reason on why SIbro). Because, Sibro is easy to use and understand. You don’t take a training, you just sign in to Sibro, and start using it right away. Still not convinced with Sibro? (Of course, everyone has trust issues) Get a free trail now and enjoy the process. Let us know how you’ve enjoyed the journey!

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