7 Top Insurance Broking Tips to Sell More Policies

September 16, 2020 in Insurance Broking

7 Top Insurance Broking Tips to Sell More Policies

Selling insurance is always a big deal. If you have a bunch of prospective leads and you have that marketing tune, then business conversions are always on the cards. But unfortunately, things won’t always go as sweet as we thinks. Being an aggressive insurance professional, you have to follow certain practices in order to keep up the pace with other players.

Here we are sharing some effective tips that you can use effectively for increasing your insurance sales margin. Let’s dive in.

Do your proper groundwork

This is pure basics. Whoever the client is, never approach them with a blind eye. You have to make sure that you know enough about your prospects before your first meeting itself. Do a self analysis about the prospects even before meeting him/her. This will help you to prioritize your product catelouge and explanations accordingly.

Make yourself different from others

You might have heard this so many times before. But what does this exactly mean?

It is nothing but marketing yourself. Make them understand that you are different from the existing players though your approach and product presentation. Let them have the idea of getting served from the one of the top quality insurance professionals available in the industry right now.

Walk with your customer, but the path you chosen

It is not as easy as it sees. You need to be persistent in what you offer. Guide them through the best offers that you can provide. Make them know that the best they want is the best that you offer.

Instant Follow Up and Reply

Make them feel that you always give enough priority in taking care of your prospects queries and solving them as soon as you can. Even though if you need something to escalate, make sure you have the rope and your prospects gets what he wants. So always try to be an instantaneous professional.

Prioritize, Do it today

Time is the key. It doesn’t wait for anybody. You may lose a prospective customer just because of a fraction of a second. The sooner you approach; the chances of business conversions are high. So you have to prioritize your appointments, discussions, claims, policy renewals and every thing in such a way that things are processed smoothly in an orderly manner.

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Practice taking notes

This is something very important. You may feel that you have everything in your mind even after the meeting. But on a given day, if you have to visit multiple clients who follow the same response pattern, sometimes you may feel confused on their requirements and comments. This will make your follow up plan difficult. So always try to takes notes on what he/she wants. It will also help you to pick up on your conversation easily where you left off.

Always ask for references

Never leave your seat without asking for references. Sometimes one small random reference will end you in a prospective business conversion. Be optimistic whenever you ask references. Never judge people based on their appearances. References is such an important tool in having consistent client base. Make sure you have enough of them.

Automate your business process

This is considered as a guaranteed option. Automating the business process with the help of a top rated insurance management software not only helps you in managing the entire business processes but also helps you to create a futuristic and trustful image in the eyes of your customers.

Thus you can organize and track every stages of a policy; from prospects and renewal follow-ups, preparation of RFQs and quote comparisons, to collecting payments, and delivering policies to customers in order, their endorsements, and a lot more. When this becomes a practice and you follow a consistent and credible business pattern, you will see the increase in flow of prospects and more business conversions.

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