Dispositions for Claim Follow Up Notes

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PROBLEM: Along with follow up, we should be able to track what is the disposition of each claim – in detail; for example: at Claim Intimated stage, is the “Surveyor Appointed”, has “Surveyor Visited”, etc..

SOLUTION: Intorduce a “Disposition” master under Settings > Claims. Keep it as the first item.

Add/Edit Follow Up will consist of [Position, Status, Disposition, Policy].

Position: Number: For sorting.
Status: Dropdown; one of – Inward Awaited, Outward Awaited, Claim Processing Awaited, Closed, Query Response Awaited, Approved, Settled, Repudiated.
Disposition: Text box. For various disposition like say Surveyor Visited.
Policy: Multiselect Dropdown; names from Policy Master.

Once added, they should be available as a Dropdown, during Claim Follow Up, in the click & expand; i.e. Disposition, Follow Up Notes, Next Follow Up Date & time.

The dispositions should also be available as a filter item after status.

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