Declarations Feature


We need a mechanism in SIBRO for managing Declarations.

1) At Settings > Policies, after Installment Payout, hava a new master item Declarations.

2) Declarations Master will be similar to Member List master; where we can Add Variables & Add Templates.

3) Add/Edit Variables can have a name & type [Input Field, Number, Date, S.No. (programmed), Month (programmed), Period from (programmed), Period to (programmed), Mark up (programmed)]

4) Add/Edit Template will have a Template Name & [Position, Variable, [Add More]]

5) Add as a Migration the 2 attached templates for users to start easily.

6) In Add/Edit Policy Master, there will be a new check box ‘Declarations’ after ‘Upload Member List’. If selected, user should select the Declaration template.

7) When we add/edit a policy with Declaration enabled, the system should create a decleration table with
[S.No., Month, Period from, Period to] + [Template variables].

Period from & Period to will be auto created from Policy Start Date & Policy End Date. Accordingly, S.No. and Month.

8) Under Policies, introduce a 4th menu item Declarations. Here all the pending declarations will be listed. Users can then go there and update the declerations.

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