Booked In wise invoicing & reconciliation

3 years agoopen0

If Booked In feature is ON,

Then we should get the ability to Invoice not just the Insurer, but the Booked In Agency. At Add/Edit Invoice, give a radio button to Invoice
(*) Insurer
(*) Booked In

If Insurer is selected, give option to select Insurer & Branch. Migrate the existing Invoices as Insurer wise. If Booked In is selected, give option to select the Booked In agency instead of Insurer & Insurer Branch.

Under Invoiced, in Apply Filter, introduce Booked In filter too next to Insurer Branch. The invoice table too should be adjusted accordingly.

During Reconciliation of Booked In’s Invoices, allow reconciliation of all Policies that were Booked In the respective Booked In.

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