Once we record the premium, Sibro will wait for the policy documents to arrive. Sometimes, you will get the policy document instantly. Some time, it may take days. When you receive the policy document, you need to add the policy details to the system.

‘Go to +’ → Add Business → Policy. You will reach a page that lists all those policies where Document is awaited. Find the respective policy — by using Apply Filter or Search — and click on the Policy Awaited button. You will reach a form, where you can enter the policy details. Note that most of the information is automatically filled by the system based on details we already have. System also calculates most of the premium figures for you. Verify & update the details as required. Make sure that you also upload the policy soft copy (or the scanned copy).

Notify Customer via Email

You can also optionally send the policy document as an email to the customer right from sibro during the add policy stage by clicking on the Notify Customer option. The email will be sent from the logged in user’s email address.

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Policy Outward

Once we have updated the policy details in the software, we need to send the policy copy to the customer, as the document is still at the broker office. Just before we send the policy copy out to the customer, we need to record the outward details — like outward date, mode of dispatch — in Sibro. This is done at the ‘Outward Awaited’ stage.

To record the outward details, you can go to ‘+’ → Add Business → Outward.

Now, you have reached a page that lists all the policies that are outward awaited. Select the respective policy and click on ‘Outward Awaited’ button. You will then get a form where you can update the outward information like outward date, and mode of dispatch details. Once done, click on ‘Save.’ Sibro this way helps you expose any policies documents that we have received, but forgot to send it to the customer.

Group Outward

If the same customer has more than one policy document that is outward awaited, we can do that in a single step via Group Outward option. ‘+’ → Add Business → Group Outward → Select Client. Then the page will list all the policies of this client that is currently outward awaited. Select the policies we want to send out, and enter the outward details; save.

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Outward at Policy Add

If the customer receives policy document directly from the insurance company, click on ‘sent to client’ and you can mention the dispatch date and mode of dispatch there. 

Client Portal Login

You can optionally enable client login by clicking on ‘Client Portal Login.’ The customer will receive the mail request. Following that, they can login, download policies, and more.

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Policy Delivery

In the previous step, we sent the policies to the customer, but we have not confirmed that the customer has received the documents. The policy delivery cycle is complete only when customer acknowledges that they have received the policy, and in order. Once we confirm that the customer has received the policy, you can change the dispatched status to delivered status by going to ‘+’ → Add Business → Acknowledgement.

This page contains all the dispatched policies. Select the policy that we need to update and click on Dispatched. You will be taken to a page where you can mention the acknowledgement date. Click ‘Confirm.’ The policy status will be updated to delivered.


Group Acknowledgement

If a customer has more than one pending acknowledgements, we can update their status in bulk via Group Outward. ‘+’ → Add Business → Group Outward → Select Client → Change Status to Dispatched. Here, the list of dispatched policies of that particular customer will be displayed. Select the policies that are acknowledged by the customer and mention the acknowledged date. Save.

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