Advantages of SIBRO over other insurance broker softwares

insurance broking software

Insurance broker softwares are a must these days as insurance broking has become common. Insurance broking was really harder when excel sheets ruled the arena. Insurance brokers had to really struggle to manage the customer’s data using excel sheets. It was hard to find the required data from the huge data stored in the excel sheets. Insurance broking softwares have been a blessing for insurance brokers as their workload could be reduced a lot.

SIBRO is a software that provides much more comfort than any other insurance broking software. Its features make it stand unique. Insurance brokers can feel comfort in their workload when they switch on to SIBRO. Here are the advantages that make SIBRO more beneficial than other insurance broking softwares.

  1. Simple Prospect Management System

SIBRO uses a prospect management system that is really simple. You can use this prospect management system to set reminders and follow up notes. You can also track all your new and existing prospect businesses easily.

  1. Helpful Premium Transaction Forms

The premium transactions forms provided by SIBRO helps to track the receipts and refunds of payments. The forms also give suggestions for the numbers and information to be entered which makes your work much easier.

  1. Enhanced Policy Management Feature

You can manage payments, policy, receipts, policy delivery etc. of insurance broking through this feature of Sibro. You can manage everything seamlessly and clearly.

  1. End-to-end Encryption

Sibro uses End-to-end encryption to protect your privacy. So you need not worry about losing your important data.

  1. Endorsement section

You can manage endorsements of existing policies using the endorsement section of SIBRO. It is linked with Policy Management so that you don’t feel it difficult to link both.

  1. Advanced Claim Management

The Claim Management section of SIBRO can be used to track, follow up, and settle claims of the customers easily. Its advanced features help this department to respond quickly and avoid delays.

  1. Avoid Mistakes

The reconciliation feature of SIBRO helps to avoid the mistakes that insurance brokers make often while entering the data. Such mistakes can cause huge loss to the brokers. This can be avoided by using reconciliation feature.

  1. Easy Reports.

Reports are an essential part of insurance broking. SIBRO helps you to generate weekly, monthly, or yearly reports with ease.

  1. Customization options

SIBRO also offers customization facilities according to your needs. You need more features other than the default ones, SIBRO is ready for customizing its features. You can get features you want to fulfill your needs through SIBRO.


On the whole, SIBRO will be the best option if you are searching for the best insurance broking software. You can work at ease using SIBRO’s features. You can also improve your working conditions and earn profits by making everything associated with insurance broking comfortable.




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