In September 2014, we started building a software tool for an insurance broker. He wanted to scale his business from excel sheets to something that scales. The domain was new. The first build was not perfect. We learned. We revised. Took feedback. Made changes. … Revised. Took feedback. More changes. … More revisions. … We did this for the next 4 months.

That was the first version of Sibro.


Though not perfect, we got many things right for an insurance broker.

“Your software has solved many of our problems” was the comment that one of it’s users made when I visited their office for payments.

The software eventually had more takers. We revised further. A version 2 was born later that year; built for scale; with changes mostly under the hood.

In December 2015, with over a year of user feedback and knowledge base, we started working on Sibro v3. The focus was convenience, scalability, and ease of customization. And it is a best Insurance Claims Management Software now available in the market.

By July 2016, we rolled out Sibro v3 to all our customers.


Building Sibro was a work of passion, undying ambition, and love. It was the journey towards making one of that most important tools that save time and money for customers, enables them better serve their customers, and help them scale across regions.

Sibro enables an insurance broker take his business from excel trackers to smartphones on his pocket. Sibro helps insurance brokers manage end to end operations of Insurance Broking Business, smooth like silk!