17 Amazing Ways for Insurance Professionals to Follow up Your Customer

September 15, 2020 in Insurance Broking

17 Amazing Ways for Insurance Professionals to Follow up Your Customer

Client follow-up is one of the most vital parts of your marketing efforts, which most insurance marketers fail to remember. No matter how successful your first meeting was, it will not get converted into a prospective business unless you perform regular follow ups. The main purpose is to build a communication channel easier and simple.

This article lists down the major ways that you can use to follow-up your prospects appropriately without making them annoyed.

  • Send a thank you email or a personal note on the same day after your first meeting
  • Help them find other business professionals in your circle to meet their requirements which doesn’t comes under your product/service line
  • Notify them about any upcoming event or meeting that can resolve any of their issues that you are aware of
  • Try to email a brief about the meeting that you have just finished. Try to send it on the same day itself
  • Wish them on their birthday or drop a greeting card on any special occasions
  • Forward a video or a voice clip of any of your client’s success story which has relevance with your client
  • Watch for their posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and try to react/comment on them
  • Ask them to meet you for coffee, a drink, or lunch or anything similar
  • Send them forwarded messages such as a joke or cartoon or any news about their or yours field of work.
  • Suggest them about an article, book or website that might help with what you talked about
  • Invite them for any extra-curricular activities if you can
  • Chat them and enquire about how their life going on
  • Ask for a meeting so that you can propose them your latest or updated products and services
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  • Inform them about any special offer existing if they act now
  • Send a link or an audio interview with you about your work and your offerings
  • Refer them a prospect for their own business if possible
  • Invite them to visit your website

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